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Ellen Nakashima

National security reporter for The Washington Post

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NEW: Georgia’s secretary of state says fellow Republicans are pressuring him to find ways to exclude legal ballots by @AmyEGardner 

SCOOP: White House official and former GOP political operative Michael Ellis named as NSA general counsel

@Susan_Hennessey  Updated my story with this: NSA Director Paul Nakasone was not in favor of Ellis’s selection, according to two people familiar with the matter. However, the selection was not up to him, they said.

Confirming NYT scoop on Israel’s killing of al-Qaeda deputy in Iran, adding detail that it was the US that located al-Masri. @adamgoldmanNYT⁩ 

NEW: Trump administration to cut troop levels in Afghanistan despite Pentagon warnings. w @missy_ryan  @DanLamothe  @John_Hudson 

This came in too late for our story, but former DHS secty Kirstjen Nielsen told me: "I am proud of Chris Krebs and all that he and CISA have accomplished in coordination with private sector and state and local government partners." @C_C_Krebs 

Trump’s unfounded fraud claims are directly endangering election officials. Threats reported in Georgia, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Nevada, reports @Joseph_Marks_ 

@Sulliview's  advice to journalists for dealing w the post-Trump disinformation era: Be more direct than ever in telling it like it is. No more pussyfooting. No more “false equivalence”--giving equal weight to truth and lies in the name of fairness.