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John Bolton op-ed in WaPo: When Blinken goes to China, he should call its bluff on North Korea

South Korea, which has a low rate of accepting refugees, deemed them unqualified to even apply and rejected their applications. The men appealed, and three of them will find out on Jan. 31 whether their appeal will be accepted.

They have an irregular sleep schedule and often end up at the 24-hour Dunkin’ for a bite or a coffee. The duty-free areas don’t like them loitering around since they can’t purchase without boarding passes or passports, which were confiscated, they say.

My 11-year-old niece, visiting Tokyo, asked me if she could read my most recent article. I pulled it up for her, and after a few minutes she was done reading and said, “That’s pretty cool.” I have never felt more validated.

For five Russians who escaped to avoid conscription in the war against Ukraine, Incheon Airport has been their temporary home for the past three months. I met three of them and learned about their life at the airport and their pending asylum request:

Been thinking a lot about the mental health of elderly Asian Americans the past few days and this story really sums it up. Very thoughtful story by some of the best reporters who cover the Asian American community @newsterrier  @JeongPark52  + team):

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My latest pottery project. Tried a new clay, new wheel technique (V-shape) and new glaze and played around with glazing. Pretty happy about the final product


Nearly 1 million people watched the U.N. General Assembly online — when K-pop band @BTS_twt  took the podium.

Been thinking about young South Koreans the past few days. The generation being shaped by two gruesome national tragedies with horrific death tolls, a pandemic, a housing crisis, widening income inequality — all while growing up in a rising global economy.

Leaving the restaurant at 8pm per guidelines under Tokyo state of emergency, and yet … still a full house. Some people got seated minutes ago. Most people here are watching the Japan-NZ men’s Olympic soccer quarterfinals.

BREAKING: Of the 120+ people who died, 74+ people sent to hospitals; 46+ people died on-site at the Itaewon Halloween crowding crush. The death toll likely will still rise.

New: Since the Oct. 29 crowd crush in Seoul, we’ve been tracking down the exact time stamps and locations of the many, many videos filmed from the scene to put together a comprehensive story of what happened. Our main findings: 🧵

Can't overstate how shocking this shooting is -- not only because Abe is very popular and prominent, but also because gun violence is extremely rare incident in Japan, a country with some of the world's strictest gun laws.

Harris County, the most populous county in Texas, just set a new record for voter turnout on a single day of early voting -- 109,000 ballots cast, with 2 hours left until polls close for the day, per @HarrisVotes .