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Super PAC stakes out Democrats’ Senate strategy with $70 million ad plan -- via @mikedebonis 

When the first U.S. case COVID was confirmed, President Trump assured the situation was “totally under control.” In hindsight, it's clear that was not the case. A detailed account of what went wrong, by @mmkelly22  @SarahCah  @ElyseSamuels :

A coronavirus model touted by the White House assumes social distancing will stay in effect through the end of May, @jameshohmann  reports in the Daily 202:

Gannett will furlough workers at more than 100 newspapers over next three months

Maryland and Virginia governments have issued stay-at-home orders that prohibit residents from leaving home, except for essential trips like getting food and medicine.

DC has issued a formal stay-at-home order as of Monday afternoon, following similar directives from the governors of Maryland and Virginia..

The Obama admin's decision to free 5 top Taliban prisoners from Guantanamo Bay sparked partisan furor in 2014. Now, officials say the 'Taliban 5' played a key role behind-the-scenes getting militants on board with Trump's Afghanistan deal. By @missy_ryan 


I asked my grandma, who escaped North Korea as the Korean War broke out, how her corona quarantine in Seoul compares to her war experience and got an EARFUL: “WHAT we were getting bombed on every day during the war, now I sit in my house all day with WiFi!!” #perspective 

Kamala Harris said the work of the law firm that represented Jeffrey Epstein “calls into question the integrity of our legal system.” Later that day, her husband headlined a Chicago fundraiser hosted by six partners of that firm.

Uh I'm seeing too many "what is Guam?" tweets. GUAM: -US territory -Has two US military bases -No this isn't the 1st time NK threatened Guam

NEW: 4 Pincchios to President Trump's false claim that counter-demonstrators lacked a permit

NEW: At least three companies based in China are offering wealthy Chinese business leaders access to President Trump at a May 31 GOP fundraiser in Dallas. From me,

NEW: I wrote an essay for about how often I get mixed up with other Asian female journalists. Sometimes it’s funny. Sometimes it’s awkward. It took me years to realize that it also stings.

UPDATE: We fact checked Melania Trump's bio that she got a college degree (she didn't). Now her website is scrubbed.

In an Italian city, obituaries fill the newspaper, but survivors mourn alone because they are restricted from traveling, in quarantine or are too sick themselves. Heartbreaking dispatch by @chicoharlan  @StefanoPitrelli