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Volcano in Japan island erupts, sending smoke and ash miles high into the sky -- via @ellen_fra 

If you’re not a native Korean speaker, or you watched it dubbed, you may have missed a lot of interesting stuff in "Squid Game." We pulled together Easter eggs non-Koreans may have missed. From me, @alLISTENc . @gracemoonnyu  (🚨spoiler alert!)

China’s test of hypersonic vehicle is part of a program to rapidly expand strategic and nuclear systems -- via @nakashimae 

Japan and South Korea never did full lockdowns. It left lessons on how to coexist with the virus. How two countries that had been trying to live with covid all along are now navigating what they consider the endemic phase. My story:

. @washingtonpost ⁩ editorial board: We need a hypersonic weapons reality check. And talks with China and Russia.

Otters are taking over Singapore 🦦🦦


Leaving the restaurant at 8pm per guidelines under Tokyo state of emergency, and yet … still a full house. Some people got seated minutes ago. Most people here are watching the Japan-NZ men’s Olympic soccer quarterfinals.

Nearly 1 million people watched the U.N. General Assembly online — when K-pop band @BTS_twt  took the podium.

Are you a freelancer in the Atlanta area who speaks Korean and can help cover the news today and beyond? I have multiple national news outlets asking for your help, please DM me.

NEW: Postal Service is experiencing days-long backlogs across the country after a top Trump donor running the agency put in new procedures. Workers warn it could undermine their ability to deliver ballots on time for November. W/ @jacobbogage ⁩

To all the Asian American and Pacific Islander journalists logging on/showing up to work this morning, feeling shook, horrified, exhausted and invisible, I see you and you’re not alone. 1/

Georgia state law does not require the requesting candidate to pay for the recount -- which means Georgia taxpayers will once again finance this machine recount of hand-recounted ballots.

“Go to hell, IOC,” “go to hell, Olympics” with 30 minutes to go until the opening ceremony

NEW: We contacted 22 states where state and local agencies paid for security, property repair & legal defense as a result of Trump's lie that the election was stolen. Here's what @ToluseO  & I found: (thread)