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Deputy Washington Bureau Chief for @BostonGlobe. Proud Tennessean, UNC grad, lover of/blogger on coffee. Reach me at matt.viser@globe.com.

Latest Scoops

Donald Trump. Friday night. At a rally. In Alabama. Hours after having one of his biggest priorities foiled by John McCain. Again. Enjoy!
John McCain, again delivering the body blow to the Republican plan to repeal Obamacare. https://t.co/piuEosfLjp
John McCain kills the latest GOP health care plan: "I cannot in good conscience vote for the Graham-Cassidy proposal.”
“Spicer couldn’t be reached for comment because he’s started threatening legal action against reporters attempting to reach him for comment"https://t.co/rFyW8dYjUX
In a tale of uncertainty and drama that’ll have you on the edge of your seat, John McCain returns in "CLIFFHANGER: HOW WILL HE VOTE? PART 2"
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“Africa, I have to say, is a continent of tremendous, tremendous potential.” — President Trump, addressing the leaders of Africa.
Massachusetts (including its GOP governor) fights against GOP Senate health care plan. @AsteadWH with the details: https://t.co/AhBAkG4Z1Y
Republican effort to repeal Obamacare:
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“Little Marco” and “Lyin Ted” and “Low Energy Jeb” did not have access to nuclear weapons.

“Rocket Man” does.
President Trump says the United Nations has “great potential...if it gets there.” It was founded 72 years ago, a year before he was born.
“The United Nations have great potential. If it gets there, it will be something very very special.” — President Trump after his speech
We respect your sovereignty (unless you’re Rocket Man, socialist, or had anything to do with Iran Deal. Also, some of you are going to hell)
"Major portions of the world are in conflict,” President Trump tells the United Nations. “Some, in fact, are going to hell."
Two speeches: First half is harmony, sovereignty, not imposing American will. Second half is NK, Iran, Syria, taking out oppressive regimes.
Trump on Iran deal to UN: “That deal is an embarrassment for the United States! And I don’t think you’ve heard the last of it. Believe me."
“Rocket Man is on a suicide mission for himself,” President Trump says of North Korea leader Kim Jong Un
President Trump — who came into office running a campaign of chaos conflict and strife — speaks out against chaos, conflict, and strife.
“We want harmony and friendship, not conflict and strife,” President Trump tells the United Nations.
President Trump: “In America, the people rule. The people govern, and the people are sovereign.”

Every Democrat: The popular vote!
“In America we do not seek to impose our way of life on anyone.” — President Trump
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