It's FINALLY here!! 💙 @SJofficial  💙 introduces the release of their 9th album, #Time_Slip '!

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Remember when Obama fired all those ambassadors?

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Anything worth pursuing takes time, So be patient

You seriously have no idea what people are dealing with in their personal life. So just be nice to everyone

Baby Yoda is the greatest thing to happen to Star Wars and we have the fan art to prove it!

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things will get better and you will be okay.

Dean must use The Colt. Stream the first 5 episodes now: #Supernatural 

💥NO BIG DEAL BUT @Harry_Styles  IS ON THE SHOW TONIGHT!💥 Harry Styles TAKES OVER Ash London Live at 630PM AEDT! Download the app to listen so that you don't miss a minute: #HarryStyles  #AshLondonLIVE 

I personally think South Dakota is on to something with their anti-meth campaign.

Here are four reasons why you shouldn't worry about President Trump's visit to Walter Reed hospital: