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It's as simple as switching off ✨ it's time we all do our part to protect the home we all live in 🌏 @earthhour at 8:30pm tonight wherever you are! 🎉
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At this time tomorrow, Earth Hour will be happening! What other eco-friendly festivals do you like? https://t.co/BpdrAw1jqx
A million yesses to @midnightfusic’s pet peeve cause it’s really important for safety! What’s YOUR pet peeve? Tweet us with #MTVTELLUS 😱
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✨ @NCTsmtown #RENJUN’s fav song is indeed festive 🎄 Can anyone guess what it is? Find out on https://t.co/1bGMJvRJ0s now 🤗 #NCT #NCT20182#MTVAsiaSpotlight018
We’ve all got pet peeves 😑 What’s yours? Time to rant it all out now with #MTVTELLUS
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Did you know OneRepublic's 'Stop And Stare' was filmed on a movie set?https://t.co/DW418S4VEz
Gaming fans and music lovers alert! 😍 @riotgames and us are teaming up to bring you the best of both with Hyperplay the first ever ASEAN Esports 🎮 & Music 🎶 festival! Check out forhttps://t.co/V9hfAgCuqc more deets! 🎉
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Can you guess what is @NCTsmtown #DOYOUNG's fav song? Clue: it’s by #NCT DREAM 🙌🏻 Catch his clip on https://t.co/1bGMJvRJ0s #NCT20182#MTVAsiaSpotlight018
We embrace each and every reaction to every situation, it is what makes us human. #MTVTELLUS is coming to you soon 😌
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