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Looks like that "S" just got you guys more investigative! 😉 Here's the next #MTVSpotlight at Hyperplay new artist puzzle piece as a reward for your guesses! 🎉 New clue tomorrow!
Thai rock legends @SlotMachineBand share their humble beginnings, musical journey and chemistry together.🎤 😎🎶 Catch them at Hyperplay, August 4–5 in Singapore!
Here’s a little something from our BADDEST FEMALE 🔥 @chaelinCL! Don’t miss out as she’s performing Day 1 of #MTVSpotlight at Hyperplay! ❤️
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MTV Meets Malaysian hip-hop star @flizzow in his very own barber shop in Singapore 🔥

One of the hottest Indonesian 🇮🇩 hip-hop artist right now... it's @Young_Lexx repping THE DROP on our Yo! MTV Raps! 🔥
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Give it up for korea’s 🇰🇷 baddest female 💪🏻 @chaelinCL! 😍 Day 1 of #MTVSpotlight at Hyperplay is gonna be FIRE 🔥 with her amazing performance! 🎉 More to come soon at https://t.co/V9hfAgCuqc!
You guys did well yesterday so here's the next clue for your new #MTVSpotlight artist at Hyperplay! 😍 Time to get down searching for that "S"! More than 50 guesses or more and we'll reveal another puzzle piece! 🎉
Y'all are on FIRE 🔥 with the guesses! Here's the first piece of our #MTVSpotlight at Hyperplay new artist puzzle piece as promised! 🎉 Watch out for the next clue tomorrow!
Mad respect to these rappers and their freestylin' skills! 🎤🎶🤩
It ain’t too late to head over to https://t.co/zxTfhjyLfn for a chance to win passes to 4 gigs for you + 3 friends! 🙌🏻 🔥
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