Apple Demand

Went to Apple store to buy 11pro. None in stock. Went to Verizon to do same. None in stock. On one hand, good for Apple. Demand must be strong. On the other hand, what a shitty customer experience. FFS, when you launch a new device you could produce enough to meet demand

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Apple Demand

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The North's chief medical officer Dr Michael McBride said: 'We have robust infection control measures in place which enable us to respond immediately. Our health service is used to managing infections and would assure the public that we are prepared'

Treasury Sec. Steve Mnuchin, NEC Director Larry Kudlow and Surgeon General Dr. Jerome Adams added time the Coronavirus Task Force

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Republicans Approve of Congressional Republicans for First Time in Years via @dbongino 

Thanks to BP 3 Chinese migrants were caught in the Rio Grande Valley sector. All had flu symptoms and were tested for COVID-19. Thankfully no virus. Sen Warren just introduced a bill to defund our wall exposing US to every disease on the planet. Insane!

Former Baltimore Democrat Mayor, Catherine Pugh, is sentenced to 3-years behind bars after pleading guilty to conspiracy, tax evasion & fraud relating to her self-published children's books. - OANN

Chicken sales in India have come down over 50% and prices by 70% in the last one month over #coronavirus  scare #CoronavirusOutbreak  #COVID19 

How is the #coronavirus  affecting people who travel for a living? Instagram Influencer Leiti Hsu says people's fears about the virus are keeping them away from movie theaters, restaurants, and tourist attractions - even if the chance of catching it is low. #Restaurants  #VarneyCo 

'Please visit Chinatown': coronavirus fears empty San Francisco district