Why is there such a big crossover between people who voted for Brexit & people furious about hungry children getting a few sandwiches from the public purse?And could the size of it help explain Downing Street’s position?

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"Trump attorney Lin Wood tells Republican supporters NOT to back GOP candidates in the Georgia runoff election because they've 'failed' to help the President's fight to overturn the election"

COMING UP @ 7 PM | Amit Syngle explains how the massive disruption of #COVID19  has only accelerated the strategic shift @asianpaints  is making from share of surface to share of space in homes. Catch him in conversation with @anuradhasays  on The Media Dialogues

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Welcome back, @alroker ! We're so glad to see Al back in Studio 1A and recovering well after having surgery for prostate cancer.

"What I'm hoping now is that we will extend these protections nationwide," says Judge Esther Salas. She speaks to us after a law in New Jersey was passed in her son's honor to protect the private information of public officials.

“Slight change of plan” - Translation: This new, hastily cobbled-together plan bears absolutely no relation to the original plan.

More than 1 million Americans are boarding planes despite warnings from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to avoid traveling for the Thanksgiving holiday. @GioBenitez  reports live from LaGuardia Airport.

Breaking overnight: Oxford University and AstraZeneca announce their coronavirus vaccine works and is at least 70 percent effective. @tomcostellonbc  has the latest.

Performance this year: Bitcoin:        +160% NASDAQ:      +32% Gold:              +21% S&P 500:      +10% Nikkei:             +8% Russell 2000: +7% Dow Jones:    +3% TSX:              -0.3% Hang Seng:     -6% CAC 40:           -8% FTSE 100:      -16% Oil:                  -31%