Gammonia / Daily Mail

You just know that somewhere in the depths of Gammonia they're already describing the Daily Mail as a left-wing rag.

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Gammonia / Daily Mail

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#AKMU 'LEE SUHYUN - In Your Time' Now Available on @Spotify 🎶 Spotify : #악뮤 #이수현 #In_Your_Time  #YG 

Vote Leave government to spend hundreds of millions of pounds on euphemistic ways of saying 'We Lied'.

GFRIEND finds themselves in storybook wonderland through comeback MV for 'Apple'

From enabling access to empowering businesses to creating new products and services, Sundar Pichai talks about the areas of Google's investment in India's digitisation, at #GoogleForIndia . Watch the livestream now ➡️ #G4IN 

“Hello! Hope all’s well? Sorry to pester, I was just wondering if my last email came through? It’s just I’ve been having a few problems with my inbox this week so I didn’t know if it’d got stuck somewhere or...” Translation: Oi! Answer me!

CS Mutahi Kagwe: One of the crucial aspects in the management of COVID-19 is contact tracing. Initially, we were using telephone calls, and now we have web tracing. We have 229 teams in all the counties. We are conducting training on the usage of the web based tools

The @weareparable  #WhoWeAre  programme is now live on BFI Player! Explore the history of Black British filmmaking through films by directors including @menelikshabazz , @CampbellX  and debbie tucker green

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Chinese TV Regulators Appear to Increase Story Supervision

Don’t ruin today by worrying about yesterday’s problem.