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The future is wonderful. The future is terrifying.

Latest Scoops

These alien diamonds belonged to a lost Mars-sized world https://t.co/NqYbpynbkx
Japan is having an anime EMERGENCY https://t.co/JOOEzG75aA
Conspiracy theorists just want to feel special https://t.co/y8aGhqqgjC
This YouTuber fixes up ugly websites and the results are really satisfying https://t.co/zYZA8XIigZ
The CIA writes super salty movie reviews complaining about how it's portrayed in the media https://t.co/ZhfE65Rg01
"Guild Wars 2" has been using spyware to catch cheaters https://t.co/xouSfCitcL
The best livestream on Earth is back, live from the bottom of the ocean: https://t.co/tTUSUxJumU
One of the authors of a potentially blockbuster paper—on the possibility of Earth hosting intelligent life before humans—wrote a fantastic fictional take on their findings: https://t.co/RsJqrKvUT0
Stop looking at James Comey like some kind of hero https://t.co/cFzQolmJti
Apple said an unauthorized repair shop owner in Norway violated its trademark by using aftermarket iPhone parts, but a court decided in favor of the shop owner. https://t.co/WPcR1pNb6V
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