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The future is wonderful. The future is terrifying.

Latest Scoops

The US military is genetically modifying microbes to detect enemy ships https://t.co/IuafiOm0ym
TikTok, which is mega-popular with children and teens, has a problem with blatant, violent white supremacy and Nazism. https://t.co/SVL29gOLQx
Scientists discovered a hidden 'supercolony' of 1.5 million penguins by tracking their poop from space https://t.co/BokcIwMpW4
This tree produces psychedelic art by using sensors to monitor its own health https://t.co/lZPnWbzQie
Saturn's rings are disappearing, say NASA scientists https://t.co/V6UpxlNqw9
Twitter harassment of women journalists and politicians happens about every 30 seconds, according to a study https://t.co/zhSJW9dAa2
Residents of New York State will get $62.5 million in a settlement with Charter Spectrum for terrible broadband service https://t.co/gI8IAOa28U
An American man is suing the US government for pressuring him to unlock his phone at an airport https://t.co/mC0gLIe4DB
Nicknamed “Farout,” the world is 120 times farther from the Sun than Earth. https://t.co/fi8xLRVS0Q
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