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The future is wonderful. The future is terrifying.

Latest Scoops

Google's confusing Gmail security alert looks exactly like a phishing attempt https://t.co/HhqHPfml9x
VR's smash social app is a surreal chat room chock-full of dank memes https://t.co/sC5S8kInBm
The guy who allegedly spammed Twitch into oblivion was charged with a criminal offense https://t.co/My4Ea57fxH
Someone figured out how to trick a Tesla into steering itself with a piece of fruit https://t.co/DToWxk0LYL
“They Are Billions” is Zerg Rush: The Game https://t.co/AYXZ8LHDqT
Put your headphones on and listen to the Star Wars cantina song played with pencil strokes https://t.co/tPf8qpfYiF
I’m still playing “Star Wars: Battlefront II” for some reason https://t.co/5GuVP99OwQ
Trade your coin for 11 herbs and spices: https://t.co/OB3bgWCH7E
From the inventor of Dogecoin: My joke cryptocurrency hit $2 billion and something is very wrong https://t.co/XEOoL59smi
Watching how old CRT televisions work in super-slow motion is mesmerizing https://t.co/xAjIlswFR6
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