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I'm a television critic for @Variety, a former juror for the @PeabodyAwards and on the board of @OfficialTCA.

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RT @jbouie : Meanwhile, it took four days before someone decided to emulate Rittenhouse.

Read Betty Gilpin on the end of Glow (and marvel at what a fucking wonderful writer she is, in addition to being a terrific actor!!) This is amazing and I'm very sorry she had to write it:

Josh Hawley, I will work until my fingers bleed to make sure you never again hold public office or get elected dog catcher in East Bumblefuck. Fuck you and all your objections and your transparently desperate attempts to secure your political future. Fuuuuckkkk youuuuu

“It’s time for healing. Any action you might take now is only going to divide us further.”

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Regret to inform you that President Biden issued an executive order today. There’s a minimum 1-year ban on starting your episode of television with an in media res action sequence putting key characters in unexplained jeopardy, followed by the on-screen words “36 hours earlier”

A source at CAA tells @VanityFair  that Marilyn Manson is no longer a client. Among consequences in our updated follow-up story re abuse allegations: MM cut from American Gods & Creepshow, dropped by record label & CA lawmaker asks FBI & DOJ to investigate:

Charlyne Yi was at work, trying to do her job, and allegedly endured racist & sexist harassment, and is still paying the price. That is *in addition* to all the other obstacles women of color face in this industry. Here is Charlyne's full statement:

Vanity Fair is hiring for two different positions within the realm of entertainment coverage and I'm biased but I think the team is pretty dang cool and excellent to work with. Please take a look at these job listings if you care to! Listing 1

THREAD. For some time, I’ve been speaking to people from the drama All Rise, which is made by Warner Bros & aired by CBS. I ultimately spoke with 30 people, 18 of whom worked directly with EP/showrunner Greg Spottiswood.


Nicole Beharie on #SleepyHollow : “Sometimes I think that some people I was working with didn’t like that I was unwell but loved by the audience. ...everyone of color on that show was seen as expendable and eventually let go.” Yes. That happened in real time & it was so awful.

For @VanityFair  : I talked to 30 people who worked with Peter Lenkov, former showrunner of #Hawaii50  , #MacGyver  & #MagnumPI  about alleged bullying, abuse & other serious problems they encountered. MacGyver star Lucas Till is among those 30 sources

#Parasite is now on Hulu. That’s it, that’s the tweet.

Some Hollywood TV studios came after the pay of lowest-level assistants & support staff after the pandemic hit. For @VanityFair  , I talked to 20+ industry people abt what happened, 1 studio changing course & why this affects marginalized folks most severely

Hi! For @VanityFair  I wrote about @WynonnaEarp  & why its fans just broke the internet (again!)& why @SYFY  show is a bright spot in this cursed year. A few reasons to love it: Cast, crew, writing plus so gay! ?? #WynonnaEarp  #WynonnaWatchParty  #WayHaught 

Wrote about a major TV trend for @VanityFair : TV shows getting fewer episodes & seasons to tell their stories. Call it "3rd & final season"-itis. Yes, some shows should be brief! But applied too widely, this growing trend may undermine TV's best ambitions