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Dr Fauci “As sobering as that number is, we need to be prepared for it.”

This is hard information to deliver to the American people, but the nation needs the truth—-real facts, real timelines. It feel like we got that today.

But WHEN will we have testing, including antibody tests???WHEN?? The President and his team has too many answers and no real timeline. STILL no tests. REALLY bad. This is a huge MISS for USA, costing lives.


Listening to Dr Birx, I’m wondering how we will not be living like this until there is a vaccine which is a year away.. Maybe testing would help, but no answer on when that will be.. We are still behind this and not in front of it which hold the country hostage to the virus.

The testing situation STILL a huge cluster. Birx saying many are sitting around not being used. UGH... This is the result of inaction early on in this crisis —no other way to look at it.

The President gets on the same page with his top scientists saying its “too early” to talk about repurposing a malaria drug to treat the virus.

‘It’s too early to make any determination”...Fauci on hydroxychloroquine..

The President calling his impeachment a “hoax”. He also used that word for the virus.


And here is the President talking about what he lied to @Yamiche  about...

The President just insulted an NBC reporter, Peter Alexander. He is so easy to trigger. What a crisis in leadership.. He is so exposed. This does not make Americans feel better to see him lash out like a five year old.

President Trump could coordinate and mobilize to focus immediate deliveries of much needed medical supplies to NYC. He is choosing NOT to.. why?

Masks available “in a matter of weeks” —VP Mike Pence. That’s a disgrace.

/ and don’t care about the children BUT they DO CARE about how many people retweet this. They traumatized children&don’t care about children separated from their families

Staggering. If Trump knew this was a pandemic all along - He knowingly undercut our ability to save people from dying. Staggering how bad the leadership is... staggering.

Is Trump’s family business stepping up?? Perhaps offering hotels and services to those in need?

/ your brand is this: Separating babies from their mothers. Traumatizing children. That is how you will be remembered. Forever.