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Mika Brzezinski

Somehow raising my two children while balancing my third child -- my job! Author of NYT bestseller Knowing Your Value and Grow Your Value.

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6 Trump campaign staffers in Tulsa test positive for COVID-19 - CBS News

I was so psyched to get these pictures from Maine! My brother Mark and his adorable daughter on board my dad’s very VERY old boat! My dad gave the boat to Mark for safekeeping… it’s old!! A few pieces have fallen…

She would literally go to the end of the earth for me! This is Rachel last year shortly after we’ve celebrated her birthday. She was fixing something. She is always fixing things. A fixer. A manager. A producer. A…

When do we get quick tests? Seems like it would be great for helping the economy and education etc. Why no quick tests?

High fashion in tough times! Wow! My daughter Carlie’s friend Brigitte and her sister Adrienne Hedvat have really taken their talents to the limit in this pandemic! They created u.envi and sent me this mask which…

Wear a damn mask. There are many ways to mask .... It is the polite and safe thing to do!! Some are being resourceful and innovative in the age of the mask!


I will be reaching out to head of twitter about their policies being violated every day by President Tump. Hope my call is taken. Please retweet if you agree

@jack  At what point is @Twitter  a part of this? TAKE DOWN TRUMP’s ACCOUNT— the world world be safer. Retweet if you agree

@jack  Read the letter and please do the right thing. If you agree, please retweet. #Pleasedeletethosetweets 

Hi Twitter friends could you please retweet this and ask others to retweet as well — we want the word to get out that there are some hosts and (of course the WH) who may been endangering lives from the beginning. Please show this!

The next time President Trump does a live interview, I hope that he is questioned as vigorously about every single accusation against him. I call on my colleagues at All networks to step up and ask the questions— No matter who the candidate is..

Dr Fauci says we are at the BEGINNING of this pandemic. With 114,000 people dead, there are more challenges. The response to the many warnings was so botched and the American people are still paying the price for this President’s magical thinking that it would just “go away”.

I am so grateful for all the retweeting of this message to @jack  It shows there is a desire for decency. Thank you SO MUCH for helping make this right. @Twitter , do the right thing. #Pleasedeletethosetweets  #gratitude