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Morning Ireland

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Europe editor @tconnellyRTE  is on air now, discussing a significant development in talks about the Northern Ireland Protocol.

We’re on air now with @EnglishRachael ⁩ at the mic. Watch and listen here

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Enda O'Neill says the UNHCR would like to see the processing of applications for asylum speeded up

Survivors are being pulled out from underneath the rubble, @JasperMortimer  told @EnglishRachael  #earthquake  ⬇️

The numbers are "manageable" and Govt should be putting in "appropriate planning" to meet their needs, @endaoneill  @UNHCRIreland  told @EnglishRachael  #Refugees  ⬇️

Cork coroner Frank O'Connell told @EnglishRachael  he hopes the man's family will eventually be able to come and get him ⬇️

The incident, which may have been an accident, could have "substantial consequences" for China/US relations, @denisstaunton  told @EnglishRachael 

But disappointment also for Beyoncé as Harry Styles wins Album of the Year, as @anoushasakoui  told @EnglishRachael  ⬇️


We are talking about massacres in #Tigray . These are people they are not just numbers, we are trying to tell their stories. They are people like us who were rounded up and executed - Jamal Osman Journalist#TigrayGenocideGenocide 

Message to Irish people who want to help Ukrainians: Please stop sending donations, the reception centres are overwhelmed @TBuczkowska  of @immigrationIRL  tells @Mary___Wilson  She's on a fact-finding mission on the Polish border to assess the needs of those fleeing war @rtenews 

A reminder of #BloodySunday ; listen back to this montage of audio from the hours and days after.

'I’m dying when I don’t need to die' - woman speaks after terminal cancer diagnosis

"Please forgive me for leaving you" The words of Violeta, 86 and from Odesa, who tried to bring her 13 year old dog Tasha with her when she fled Ukraine She was reunited with her beloved labrador thanks to the efforts of @debbiedeegan1  More here

Michael O'Leary says @Ryanair  will not be requiring proof of vaccination from intending passengers. @rtenews  @RTERadio1  @rte 

"The numbers speak for themselves... it's leading to unsafe practices...our hospitals do not have the capacity for these increased attendances"- INMO Phil Ni Sheaghdha on why they are calling for the re-introduction of mandatory mask wearing

"About 200 admissions to ICU between April & now. Three quarters of those had no vacc...1 in 20 were 14 days beyond completing their vacc regimen. So 19 out of 20 people who were admitted to ICU over the past several months had no vacc or were partially vaccinated" @PhilipNolan_SFI