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hand crafted analog synthesizers • employee owned • continuing the legacy of Dr. Bob Moog

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We're live right now with our #MoogOne Firmware v1.0.3 overview. Tune in to find out whats new in 1.0.3 and get the answers to all of your Moog One questions: https://t.co/Ov0dWkvy7P
📺 Join us today at 3PM ET for a livestream overview of #MoogOne Firmware v1.0.3. We'll be showing what's new in v1.0.3, including new programmable stereo parameters 🎛

Visit https://t.co/l1YTHJvy9n to sign up for an email reminder with the link right before we go live at 3:00.
New Firmware v1.0.3 available now for Moog One, including new programmable parameters for Stereo Spread, Stereo Width, and Noise Reduction 🎛

Find out more at https://t.co/l1YTHJvy9n and sign up to receive a link to our Firmware Overview livestream this Monday at 3PM ET 📺
Analog R&B duo rec@weareKINGently spent a week inside the wit#MoogFactoryh sound designer Kevin Lamb to create a sonic palette of pre#MoogOnesets as they begin writing for the follow up to their Grammy-nominated debut LP.

Download the presets here: https://t.co/jxPDACjqqE
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Big congratulations and much Love to Justin Hurwitz for his #GoldenGlobe winning work on #FirstMan. Hurwitz's score features both a modular Moog #Synthesizer and #Theremin to communicate the the vast emotions and experience of space ✨ https://t.co/pXFxsCxdXN
Today we honor a man with the audacity to embrace true bold creativity and the bravery to share it with the world. Thank you Starman, for inspiring us to trust our curiosity.

"the stars look very different today"

#HappyBirthday David Bowie
Celebrating and remembering the life of ARP founder Alan R. Pearlman today ❤️
Another voyage around the sun. Thanks to everyone who made 2018 so magical.⁣

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