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hand crafted analog synthesizers • employee owned • continuing the legacy of Dr. Bob Moog

Latest Scoops

You can watch all of the archived “#MoogOne Sound Designer” live-streams right now w/ Suit & Tie Guy, Gary Hull, and Kevin Lamb: https://t.co/hUMuQXum6L
Need technical support? Creative encouragement? Maybe just a shoulder to cry on? We’re here for you—come chat with us at https://t.co/l1YTHJvy9n
Today at @ADE_NL: NL's 'Keyboard Player of the Year' Niels Broos will explore the new #MoogOne, showing the instrument for the first time in the #Benelux: https://t.co/uXJJiZQxaT
It doesn't have to be this way! Talk to one of our employee-owners inside the #MoogFactory via chat today--visit https://t.co/l1YTHJvy9n to start the conversation.
#MoogOne - A Meditation On Listening w/ @RobertGlasper

Watch the full video: https://t.co/CXNGylXOLP
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#MoogOne - A Meditation On Listening w/ @ChickCorea

Watch the full video: https://t.co/c6eohmzDhG
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#MoogOne - A Meditation On Listening w/ @MarkRonson and Suzanne Ciani @sevwave

Watch the full video here: https://t.co/XbFTIzjaLV
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We’re livestreaming another #MoogOne Sound Designer session right now w/ Moog Instrument Specialist Andrew Stryffeler and Moog One sound designer Kevin Lamb 🎶

Visit https://t.co/hUMuQXum6L to join the livestream! 📺
We’re livestreaming another #MoogOne Sound Designer session this morning at 11am ET 🎶

Visit https://t.co/hUMuQXum6L … to catch up on all of our archived livestreams from this week and sign up to get notified when we go live again!
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