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No matter what industry you work in it’s probably a good idea to talk to your female colleagues and ask them who the creeps are if you really care about this stuff, FYI.

Catch and Kill by @RonanFarrow  is required reading on this subject, which touches literally every industry in the world.

The Dodgers got bodied by the Nationals, the Yankees, and the Angels. How was your week?

@ramonashelburne  They said they were being very aggressive in free agency and signaled their willingness to spend big. Taking them at their word they simply got beat.

Reality is this is how much the best players cost now.

@ramonashelburne  Of course drafting and developing has to be the foundation. But when superstars become available as FAs and you have the money it’s great because you don’t have to give up top prospects to get them. Dodgers have built a great young core. Feels like the time to pounce.

Dodgers went 0 for 3 on the biggest free agents but the offseason isn’t over yet. Trades still possible. I dunno, man.

Yes we all love old men who bully children.

I don’t think baseball fans in other markets realize how strange it is to not be able to watch the Dodgers at your house and then having to go to five different bars in Los Angeles to find them. It’s crappy! But they cashed those checks and here we are.


Good. Walk out. Get suspended. Write your college application essay about it.

Donald Trump bragged about grabbing women by the pussy without their consent, on a tape that you heard. Take your fake concern for atrocious crimes committed against women somewhere else.

The pitcher who collected the final out of this World Series was the man who missed an earlier playoff game to attend the birth of his daughter, not the guy in the middle of the domestic violence scandal.

The very worst men on the Internet are rightfully terrified of sixteen-year-old Greta Thunberg and it is glorious.

If the people investigating Trump's collusion with Russia could hurry the fuck up before he starts World War III that would be GREAT.

England's four-year-old vs. our four-year-old.

In my darkest hours I will think of Sally Yates destroying Ted Cruz on national television, and it will sustain me.

Harry Styles is currently flying through the air outside my house while performing his song “Sign of the Times” AMA