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If Biden sweeps AZ, NV, WI, MI, PA, and GA and wins the popular vote by 5 million will you people feel better?

Looking forward to sports teams declaring victory at halftime. And suing to stop the game.

@chrislhayes  Eh. I don’t really buy this. He lost to Joe Biden, who he *really* doesn’t respect. The final electoral math won’t be that close. And now he has to worry about prosecution.

Kim Ng is overly qualified for this job. She had to be. But my God she's done it. She's shattered the highest glass ceiling in sports and oh my god what a glorious day. I am so happy.

Overqualified Woman Shatters Highest Glass Ceiling in Sports, Nation Rejoices. Me on the steady brilliance of Kim Ng, and how the Marlins got one hell of a GM:

RT @brianbeutler : The level of “nothing” House Democrats are doing about Trump trying to steal the election he lost, or else wreck the plac…

Are you guys following @JourdanRodrigue  and @danielrpopper  for your Rams and Chargers coverage yet? Don't miss any updates on Aaron Donald's dominance and Justin Herbert's hair.


Good. Walk out. Get suspended. Write your college application essay about it.

If people had worn masks and stayed home and socially distanced whenever they left the house we would have college football this year. Some of us made those sacrifices. Others said the virus was fake news and ignored scientists. Those people are why we are still in this mess.

Seems like we shouldn’t have a political system where if one person dies a few hundred million women lose their reproductive rights.

My grandma saw Jimmy G and said “oh my god that’s Tyrone Power!” So I googled Tyrone Power and 😳

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Richard Burr should not hold government office by Monday. He needs to resign today.

If the people investigating Trump's collusion with Russia could hurry the fuck up before he starts World War III that would be GREAT.

Shout out once again to all the Tik Tok teens and K-Pop stans who hit Trump where it hurts him the most tonight. Absolute legends, all of you.

“Sorry you’re getting evicted because of the pandemic. Please enjoy my new Supreme Court Justice who will also take away your health care in the pandemic.” - @realDonaldTrump 

England's four-year-old vs. our four-year-old.

In my darkest hours I will think of Sally Yates destroying Ted Cruz on national television, and it will sustain me.