Fox News has undermined the vaccine effort in dozens of segments

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Cops killed a 16-year-old boy and a companion in an anti-illegal drug operation in Laguna on Wednesday, June 16, with the boy's family alleging he was shot while handcuffed and the police claiming he exchanged fire with arresting officers.

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IRAN NUCLEAR PROGRAM: @MarthaRaddatz  reports from Tehran on the eve of Iran’s high-stakes election and after Pres. Biden says he and Russian President Vladimir Putin agreed the Middle East nation should not have a nuclear weapon.

Four people were shot — one fatally — as a gunman went on a shooting spree in the northwest suburbs of Phoenix, police said. Several other people were hurt by shrapnel and debris.

Sometimes it bares reminding that half of the country shares my politics - even if 99% of mainstream media does not.

14 million students across the country are in schools with police and no nurses, social workers, and/or psychologists. We need to invest in our students, not the police.

WATCH: Rafael Nadal has pulled out of Wimbledon and the Tokyo Olympics after a demanding claycourt season. Nadal said he took the decision after consulting his team in a bid to prolong his career

People are protesting against Nellies, a gay DC sports bar, after a bouncer dragged a Black woman down the stairs by her hair during a Pride event. The woman has filed a police report and is considering a lawsuit.

New York City is facing a homelessness crisis as pandemic regulations are pulled back. As of April 2021, over 53,000 people are unhoused in the city. Tens of thousands more could face eviction when the state's moratorium ends on August 31.

South African rugby player Lindani Myeni was fatally shot by police in Hawaii in April 2021 — now his family is suing for wrongful death (warning: distressing)

This is big. A @seanhannity  exclusive you’ll see tonight. “Unvaccinated West Point cadets face growing and severe retaliation, sources say” #FoxNews