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Air New Zealand has developed a sleeping pod prototype for economy class to help passengers cope with long-haul flights

#PopeFrancis expresses closeness to those affected by the Covid-19#coronavirus , and to medical staff working to contain its spread.

“If folks are looking for an alternative to Sanders and believe there needs to be fewer alternatives in order for anyone to make it why would you look to the one person who's actually beaten him anywhere as the one you’d ask to step aside?” @PeteButtigieg 

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South Korea's afternoon numbers for Feb. 26: +115 cases, +1 death. Totals there now are 1,261 cases & 12 deaths.

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@realDonaldTrump 's job approval rating has never been over 46% in the RCP Average - until yesterday. And his current 50.3% disapproval is the lowest it's been since March of 2017.

#BreakingNews | Number of dead rises to 27 in #DelhiViolence . Over 200 injured. More here

Chinese city drafts law to ban residents from eating dogs in the wake of coronavirus epidemic

Americans are voting in novel ways because they waking up to a stark truth: the country isn’t being run for Americans. It’s being run for money.

European stocks drop as the spreading coronavirus hits travel shares