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Just In: Democrats on the House Oversight Committee have released an interim report based on multiple whistleblowers who say the Trump administration is rushing to transfer sensitive U.S. nuclear technology to Saudi Arabia in violation of federal law.
Former Acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe said the FBI had information that President Trump “might be a threat” to US national security and he briefed a bipartisan group of top congressional leaders — and none of them objected to probes into Trump by the FBI and DOJ.
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NEW: Exclusive: Trump admin. launches global campaign to end the criminalization of homosexuality in dozens of nations where it's still illegal to be gay, US officials tell @NBCNews, a bid aimed in part at denouncing Iran over its human rights record.
Exclusive: Shamima Begum has had her UK citizenship revoked by the British government, this letter seen by ITV News shows
BTS IS COMING BACK! The K-pop sensation is coming back to Southern California to kick off a new world tour at the Rose Bowl. @USBTSARMY @BTS_twt #BTS #BTSARMYA
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Let me get this straight: The DOJ told R's Trump was a suspected Russian spy and they STILL supported him for pres? Thinking of a word for that...
New: Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross violated his ethics agreement and submitted a financial disclosure form that “was not accurate,” according to the Office of Government Ethics. Ross reported he had sold bank stock that other reports indicate he did not sell.
’73% of cannabis executives in Colorado and Washington are male, 81% are white.’ — The legal cannabis industry is not righting the wrongs of the war on drugs and @Ocasio2018 is on it
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JUST ANNOUNCED: @BTS_twt WORLD TOUR ‘LOVE YOURSELF: SPEAK YOURSELF’ is coming to @MLStadium on Saturday, May 18. Tickets go on sale 3/1 at 10am.

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Thanks @asheaarts for showing me around @WBUR - nice to see @ljmullinsworld @hereandnowrobin @jeremyhobson and all the hardworking folks there #wemakewbur
Heads up folks. @WayneStormWatch will be showing off his hockey skills on the TODAY show's third hour. Make sure to tune in at 9am.
SN❄W T❄TALS: This is what we're looking at as far as accumulation for today goes, folks. Stay off the roads if you can! MORE:
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