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Donald Trump in 2014 enthusiastically called for impeaching Obama: “Do you think Obama seriously wants to be impeached? ... He would be a mess. ... It would be a horror show for him.”

This argument was tired three years ago and is just pathetic now.

Sean Hannity encourages Rep. Matt Gaetz to run for Senate and says he’ll do a town hall for him

Tucker Carlson: “I don't think anything has changed our society more for the worse” than feminism

Fox & Friends guest Dennis Prager: Providing housing for the homeless would just make things worse

Fox contributor: Democrats are dividing the country during Christmas with impeachment

CNN's Rick Santorum: "Things go on that may be impeachable all the time when presidents talk" to foreign leaders

USDA taxpayer-funded podcast features Agriculture secretary Sonny Perdue telling Newt Gingrich that people on food stamps (SNAP) don’t contribute to society and have no self-worth


Fox News: Jimmy Kimmel isn't qualified to talk politics Also Fox News:

Fox's Shep Smith: It's being framed as players attacking the anthem, troops, & the flag....that's not what they're doing and we're complicit

In unearthed audio, Tucker Carlson makes numerous misogynistic and perverted comments

African-American woman in Congress speaks up against the president, Bill O'Reilly says he won't listen because of her hair.