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@neil_neilzone  @pdwschmidtI  @DigitalAgeD  think it's a well-meaning approach that doesn't take into account why people actually do what they do, and that situations involve context, and that leads to absurd results.

Having one of those days where I'm dealing with 6 different things, all of which include frustrating nonsense (unrelated to the larger frustrating nonsense happening in the rest of the world), and each time I switch from one to the other... I'm just getting grumpy again.

One of the things I'm grumpy about. Being forced into engaging in privacy theatrics that are pointless and annoying.

This whole thing is bonkers, but that one line...

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The US Copyright Office spent nearly five years putting together its report on DMCA Sec. 512 and there's lots to talk about, but right from the start, the fact that they ignore the public as a stakeholder pretty much destroys the report's credibility.

Also, it's a day of the week that ends in "day" so I must need to, yet again, debunk a mainstream publication getting everything wrong about Section 230. Most such stories are just ignorance. This one, published by @Newsweek , is malicious.

Bold PR strategy by yet another one of these silly barely used platforms put forth by people who've never faced any real content moderation challenges insisting they'll never take down content "for political purposes."

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Imagine sitting in the middle of a pandemic and telling a library to stop lending books that it's only lending to help out while all the other libraries are closed. 🙄

Beginning to think that much of the country could use a better civics education.

German word for the anxiety of people standing too close to you at the store, but not wanting to be the asshole telling people to stay back


These two tweets were posted just a few hours apart.

This story of a Softbank-owned patent troll, using the monkey-selfie copyright law firm, suing one of the few diagnostics firms making Covid-19 tests, demanding they be stopped for patent infringement, using *THERANOS* patents... is fucking infuriating.

The 9 minutes between Trump's transgender tweets this morning left Pentagon officials wondering if we'd bombed N. Korea. WTF.

11 days ago Devin Nunes voted for a House Amendment saying "free speech should be protected." Today he sued an internet cow for saying mean things about him online.

Oh, nothing to see here, just a civil servant at the @USDA  directly threatening abuse his power to block food during expected rationing to someone he got into a silly Twitter spat with... Oh: the spat was about whether we should be worried about gov't attacking civil liberties

This story of the police trying to dig into Philando Castile's girlfriend's Facebook account for dirt is *nuts*:

This is journalistic malpractice @nypost . The headline implies one thing. And it's only 15 paragraphs into a 17 paragraph article you note doctors say it wasn't those drugs. Yet Trump is now tweeting the headline as if it proves him right. This isn't a fucking game.

Geniuses at Universal asked Google to "remove" for piracy.

Um. You don't want to miss the plot twist at the end of this thread. Really.