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Susan Collins on Brett Kavanaugh's yearbook entries: "At the risk of sounding naive, I don't know what many of the references are ... I don't know what to make of somebody's high school yearbook."
Susan Collins, key swing vote on Kavanaugh, warns Trump on Rosenstein. "If there's any attempt to fire or force out Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein, that would be a huge red line and very problematic."
McConnell says he wants to move forward on Kavanaugh in the “very near future” once Thursday hearing is done. He compares bringing in an outside counsel to question to how the Watergate hearings went with staff attorneys asking questions then
Judge to Cosby as he got 3-10 years. “This was a serious crime," he said. "Mr. Cosby this has all circled back to you. The day has come, the time has come."
Although the sticking points don't seem to be a roadblock that will force a delay of the hearing, there is fierce negotiating going on between lawyers for Christine Blasey Ford ... and the Republican staff on the Senate Judiciary Committee.https://t.co/l9wg6TV91O
GOP and Dem moderates still very uncertain how they'll come down on Kavanaugh. Murkowski on FBI probe: "It would sure clear up all the questions, wouldn't it?" Manchin: "All this is extremely serious ... but he has a right to clear himself."
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Dem senators plan to ask questions on their side, while GOP will rely on outside counsel
Senate Judiciary has hired an outside counsel to question Christine Blasey Ford and Judge Brett Kavanaugh. The individual is a woman with expertise in sex crimes prosecution, aides say.

Grassley says he won’t disclose the identity of the individual out of concern for her safety
Murkowski: “If there are allegations out there, Miss Ramirez needs to be willing to come forward with them and just as Dr. Ford has been willing to come forward, albeit reluctantly ... and so in order for us to take it under consideration, she needs to take the next step”
Corker on allegations in New Yorker: “I read the New Yorker article, it was pretty thin. No one else remembered any of it. This is really kind of getting carried away... it’s feeling more like a circus.” Pe @SunlenSerfaty @ElizLandersr
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