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Latest Scoops

“A hundred years of racism could not break it up, it could not destroy black families. Jim Crow could not do it. But what dependency has done ... has caused unwanted pregnancy, illegitimacy,” Rep. Lewis said, per @KFILE. “They’re addicted.” https://t.co/BzJPqvzEvU
Michael Cohen news again raises possibility that Trump faces legal jeopardy. His SCOTUS nominee has said it's Congress' constitutional role, not an independent counsel, to probe a sitting president. How does he view Mueller probe? An unanswered question. https://t.co/tE24rYHZtP
Michael Cohen had other recordings of the president in his records that were seized by the FBI, according to Rudy Giuliani and a source with knowledge of Cohen’s tapes, per @DanaBashCNN @GloriaBorger https://t.co/nDFmXgIhdF
Rudy to NYT: Confirms Trump and Cohen discussed paying off Karen McDougal.
Trump team for months: Denied Trump had an affair with Karen McDougal
Similar to Stormy Daniels. For months, Trump and WH denied he was involved with paying off Stormy
Then Rudy confirmed he knew about it
"But when it comes to looking at the conduct of the President, it has to be the Congress," Kavanaugh said. "Congress has to get in this game."

Dems plan to push him on his views on Mueller, but Collins says she will, too.

"It's something I'll raise with him," she said
NEW: Brett Kavanaugh in 1998 made clear he believes Congress should investigate a president -- not an independent counsel. In light of his skepticism a president can be indicted, it raises questions about his views on Mueller, who is a special counsel. https://t.co/zagxPZRdZ2
Cornyn on Putin-Trump meeting: "I’m not worried about the conversations the president had in private with Putin. I’m worried about what the actions are going to be." https://t.co/REZ8985gNk
"I think it's extraordinarily unlikely they're going to learn anything we don't already know. But knock yourself out," said Rep. Chris Stewart, a Utah Republican, also a committee member. "And if you do, I'll recognize that and I'll thank them for it."
Q: Did you know that Kislyak and Lavorv were going into Oval Office that day? Coats: "I did not.:"

Q: What was your reaction afterwards?
Coats: "Probably not the best thing to do. But, no I was not aware of that. I’m not aware of anything like that since"
Asked about all the attacks on the intelligence community, Coats won't say if he's ever considered resigning. Most days, he says, he views it as a "reward giving back to my country." But he also siad, "There are other days, [I say], what am I doing?"
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