Angel Aquino Tony Labrusca / Connie Macatuno / Baguio

WATCH: Angel Aquino and Tony Labrusca share how ‘Glorious’ director Connie Macatuno guided and motivated them in their kissing scene, that they shot on their first shooting day in Baguio.

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Angel Aquino Tony Labrusca / Connie Macatuno / Baguio

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Something doesn’t add up. The global panic and extreme action seem massively disproportionate to what we know about #CoronaVirus  (for instance, its mortality rate). So either we are overreacting to a ridiculous degree, or they are not telling us something

SEN. KENNEDY: ‘This Country Was Founded by Geniuses But is Being Run by a Bunch of Idiots’

PACKED WITH PORK: Read the Full List of Unnecessary Federal Spending in the Virus Stimulus Here

The UK is still only testing 7-8000 people a day for #Coronavirus . Germany is testing 80,000 a day & has far lower death rate. Our failure to test fast enough is scandalous & will cost lives. Sort it out @BorisJohnson  @MattHancockMP  - as quickly as you sorted your own tests.

This will make us stronger and better....God is talking 2 us at this very moment. Let’s not ignore it...Everything happens 4 a reason. We will come out of this and be better bcuz of it. I always try my best to find a positive in any negative. He’s sitting us down for a reason

DOJ: Those Intentionally Spreading Coronavirus Can Be Charged with ‘Bio-Terrorism’

How is everyone spending their quarantine time? After Apollo 11, I spent mine inside a secure building, the Lunar Receiving Laboratory, for 3 weeks - writing mission reports, conducting debriefs & exercising! Show me how you’re staying safe from COVID-19. #StayingSafeWithBuzz 

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CAUGHT: Mainstream Media Got Caught Changing Headline to Favor Dems…TWICE