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JUST IN: Years and Years posted an announcement in Facebook - cancellation of their Asian concert tour in some countries including Manila. Read below.
Make them understand - you decide with your heart, not your head. 👌🏼
JUST IN: Liza-Enrique topbilled film “Alone/Together” rakes in more than 60M in the box office as of February 14.
My week on Twitter 🎉: 48 Mentions, 1.32K Mention Reach, 7.98K Likes, 1.26K Retweets, 36 Replies. See yours with
WATCH: Snippet of BlackPink’s US Morning Show Debut at Good Morning America.
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I love watching @CBSSunday I learned a lot on content, style and visuals. Excited to do stories when I get back to work. ☺️
I love this girl @Kehlani - if I call you would you pick it up? ❤️
This is Bamboo singing ‘214’ during the Eastwood NYE Party. LSS ko siya since then and played this over & over again. Days before the launch of ‘Alone/Together’, someone shared to me the teaser & said that they were eyeing for ‘214’. How coincidental. Such a beautiful track. ☺️
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The most difficult third party to deal with is memory. #randomthoughts
My week on Twitter 🎉: 11 Mentions, 296K Mention Reach, 93 Likes, 5 Retweets, 360 Retweet Reach. See yours with

The Most Relevant

#MissUniverse #PhilippinesRachel Peters to wear ash blue gown designed by Val Taguba made of crystallized cloth from Dubai with feathers on the hem. Dont blink and I hope Rachel would show the surprise at the back!
WATCH; Angel Aquino & Tony Labrusca on the controversial kiss in “Glorious”.

Angel: “Pag tinatanong ako kamusta si Tony sabi ko ‘oh my god, ang sarap sarap! Coz his kisses was really delicious!”

Tony: “It was very pleasant & she taught me a thing or two that I can keep w/ me.”
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Daniel Padilla confirmed that he and Kathryn have been officially “in-a-relationship” together for more than five years.
(As of 6:25PM) The Pacific Ring of fire is VERY ACTIVE!
- PHILS: Mayon Volcano erupted
- JAPAN: A Volcano erupted causing avalanche
- INDONESIA: 5.3 Magnitude earthquake jolts Jakarta
- ALASKA: 8.3 Magnitude earthquake causing Tsunami warnings.
THIS JUST IN: It's OFFICIAL - James and Nadine are officially a couple. The official date is FEBRUARY 11, 2016. ❤️
#MissUniverse #PhilippinesRachel Peters on her performance at the Preliminaries: “Hopefully it’s enough to wow the judges and to get me into the Top 16.”
Dedmahin nyo na ko sa gilid. Ito na yung “Lambingan ng Tagumpay”. Congrats DJ! Have fun sa shooting sa Ormoc, Kath!
PHOTO: James Reid and Nadine Lustre just broke the internet. #OTWOLTheLastFlight
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