National Security Advisor Turkey / Turkish / Syrian Kurd / Kobani Trump / Erdogan

@VP  leads delegation including @SecPence  and National Security Advisor to Turkey tomorrow but today US had to scramble fighter jets to get Turkish backed militia to stop attacking US and Syrian Kurd base near Kobani. Will Trump withdraw invite to Erdogan to visit DC next month?

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National Security Advisor Turkey / Turkish / Syrian Kurd / Kobani Trump / Erdogan

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IRAQ: There are reports that an armed drone attacked and damaged the home of Moqtada Sadr in Najaf last night.

I spent a decent chunk of last week looking into what the actual issues are about a US trade deal and what it could mean for the NHS. The "NHS being sold to Trump" line is a a little bullshitty, but the US does want to break our system to rig drug prices

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If you are in trouble with debt - Christmas debt or for any other reason - try one of the two national debt charities or Their services are free to you and they will help with kindness and understanding.

Angela Merkel used her speech at Auschwitz to condemn anti-Semitism. She visited the former Nazi death camp at a time when making a commitment to Jewish life in Germany is paramount.

A video showing a father-to-be sitting on the floor of a hospital to become a "human chair" for his pregnant wife has sparked heated debate online. 🤔 What is your take after watching the footage?

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This page of the Tory manifesto is trending because they don't want you to read it

New evidence shows that legitimate THC vaping products are also making people sick, meaning that illegal, off-brand vapes aren't the only products to blame for the current outbreak of vaping-related illnesses.