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State dept will not provide transcript of call with so-called “faith based media” not say who took part or what criteria were for participating. Usually transcripts are provided for all on the record interviews.

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Music has always been a form of therapy. Fans of K-pop superstars @BTS_twt  share how their music has shaped and uplifted them in hard times. #ARMY  #BTS 

I’ve seen white women clutch their purses and watched white men tap their back pockets to see if their wallets are still there. I’ve had my space invaded bc I’m not really seen by white people. I’ve been followed in stores bc I’m seen as a thief or threat.

I don’t know why, but @Twitter  is purging my followers in a big way. Over 800 have disappeared in the past week. I know Twitter does this from time to time to supposedly “get rid of inactive and bot accounts”, but this seems like something more.

The North Carolina Supreme Court issues a landmark ruling that grants more than 130 death row prisoners the opportunity to have their sentences reduced if they can prove systemic racism.

A Florida woman called police on a lone protester supporting the Black Lives Matter movement. So days later, dozens more protesters showed up in solidarity.

Brooklyn protesters made room for Muslim demonstrators to pray while marching for Black Lives Matter this week

Trudeau kneels at protest against racism and police brutality

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It's Breonna Taylor's birthday. She would have been 27 today. Here's how @battymamzelle  and people online are coming together to remember her.

Trump’s Booming Economy: @David_Bossie  & @CLewandowski_  praise @POTUS  for the soaring economy and predict we will see substantial gains as our country reopens. #AmericaFirst  #MAGA  #Dobbs 

Reporters say that the White House forced them to sit closer together at Trump's press conference because it "looks better"

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