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.@SecretaryCard: You want the democracy of America to be the beacon for other countries around the world.
Live from Jerusalem - the latest on Vice President Pence's trip #AMR @MSNBC
.@kasie: Looking ahead, the most interesting person in Washington is Paul Ryan. He will face a defining test of his speakership. #AMR
.@NicolleDWallace: There are craven and well-intentioned political passions driving the decision-making. One party controls the White House, Senate, and House - that's the reality.
.@Clyburn: Illegal immigration is camouflage; it has very little to do with what we want to do in the House of Representatives. #AMR
Original plan was for U.S. embassy to move to Jerusalem in 3 year @VPs told Israel's Parliament tod @POTUSay order @StateDepting to accelerate it to end of next year
.@VP is 1st sitting VP to address Israel's Knesset gets standing ovation from most members but pledge to accelerate move of U.S. embassy and recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital sparks protest by Arab members and a melee when they are forcibly ejected
Coming up on #AMR: @kasie @kwelkernbc @Clyburn @SecretaryCard @agearan @AshleyRParker @mabryant256 and more on @MSNBC - Tune in!
Pence just said the President has ordered State Dept to start immediately making plans to move Embassy to Jerusalem and that it should be done by the end of 2019 - (sooner than originally predicted by Tillerson)
Pence is now speaking to Israel's Parliament the Knesset and emphasizing that the U.S. is finally recognizing Jerusalem as Israel's capital, which Arab leaders and Palestinians say forecloses ever having a Palestinian State.
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