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This reveals how Manafort crony Deripaska won 100’s of millions from Treasury lifting sanctions. Will GOP Senators find a way to revisit their votes? https://t.co/SiAqr3hPbF
.@KamalaHarris joins crowded and diverse field as Democrats compete to take on @realDonaldTrump. More on @NBCNightlyNews
I’m at ⁦@KamalaHarris⁩ Alma mater Howard University as she kicks off her Presidential race on #MLKDay
.@Sifill_LDF: I was a young girl when Shirley Chisholm decided to run for president and that mattered a lot to me. I suspect there are little girls all over the country who are seeing Kamala Harris and are inspired by her #AMR
.@Heidi4ND: I think after this year we're not going to be talking about year of the woman. We'll be talking about the years of ideas and year that everybody has an equal opportunity to represent this country and serve in leadership #AMR
.@jwpetersNYT: it is an international embarrassment that the US government isn't functioning properly #AMR
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And now the 2nd OT game today incredible football
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