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.@Jacobson_RS: One of the most difficult things was to make sure that we had the freedom to do our jobs which including not being concerned that we may get turned over by our government for acts that we executed in the course of our job. #AMR
Jane Harman on Helsinki: There was no preparations and a lot of grief. If we see this movie again right before the election in Washington, it will hurt the candidacy of a lot of Republicans. The Republican party seems to be moving away from this of the 98 to 0 vote yesterday.
Wendy Sherman: The Obama administration put sanctions on Iran for its cyber attacks and for its cyber -- use of cyber to try to really attack us in many ways and our allies around the world. #AMR
.@PeterWestmacott: This is one of the many reasons why the main European countries were very much opposed to the idea of President Trump walking away from, potentially killing the nuclear deal with Iran. Walking away from that we think was dangerous. #AMR
.@ckubeNBC: Iran has been laying the groundwork for potential attack against a couple of thousand individual targets that include critical infrastructure here in the United States #AMR
Joining #AMR now: @ckubeNBC @PeterWestmacott and Wendy Sherman @MSNBC
.@BillKristol: I don't believe Sec of State Pompeo has had much of a debrief. Calling the translator is not a good idea. But call [Pompeo], ask them, if they say I don't know much about it, that would be very revealing about the way our government is conducting policy. #AMR
Jeremy Bash: We have no sense whether or not others in the principals level, the cabinet members, don't know what happened in that meeting. That means, number one, secret deals were cut, and number two, there's no way to follow. #AMR
.@RepAdamSchiff: I have confidence that Dan Coats and Christopher Wray and the justice department are doing the best they can. But I don’t have confidence in the President. #AMR
.@RepAdamSchiff: If we can't rely on the president to speak candidly about what the Russians have done, how can we expect him to speak candidly to his own intelligence agency about any commitment he made in that private meeting? This is why we need to bring the interpreter in.
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