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.@SenatorCollins tells @chucktodd she will vote for Pompeo confirmation a big plus for embattled nominee who hopes for floor vote this week @MeetThePress
.@SenatorCollins says wishes #Comey did not write book in middle of Mueller investigation shouldn’t have “cashed in” (her phrase) @MeetThePress)
White House official Marc Short tells @chucktodd “as far as I know right now the President has no intention of firing” Sessions or Rosenstein but doesn’t rule it out depending on where Mueller probe goes @MeetThePress #MTP
Hearse pulls up outside St Martin’s Church preparing to take Barbara Bush to her final resting place in College Station Texas
Remembering Barbara Bush, a beloved first lady of strength and purpose
Watch Live: Funeral for former first lady Barbara Bush https://t.co/xW3HrA5u4a via @nbcnews
Sitting Presidents don’t usually attend funerals for former First Ladies. Trump tweeted he will be watching from Mar a Lago. White House said he didn’t want to burden attendees with the extra security but there was that nasty campaign against Jeb...
It is unusual for 4 former Presidents to be together: 2 are family, but Bill Clinton and Barack Obama and their wives are at the funeral out of affection and respect for the Bushes. Melania Trump, sitting next to President Obama, representing her husband
Aides say that President Bush 41, known for his wildly festive socks, is paying tribute to his wife today by wearing what he calls his “book socks.” They are described as beige with brightly colored images of books signifying Barbara Bush's life long advocacy of literacy.
‘They Were Never Going to Let Me Be President’ via @NYTimes from Amy Chozick’s “Chasing Hillary” https://t.co/Oia4B576le
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