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So much fun filming this. It’s my favourite children’s book ever. Hope you enjoy it @veryuk . @simonschusterUK  @beanstalkreads  @paul_linnet  #suehendra  #feelathome  #shareastory 

Isn’t it just a brilliant book? Makes me smile every time I read it x

Have I read this right? Are pubs opening at 6am tomorrow?

Thank you all for confirming that. Next question is WTAF is this government thinking? How can they possibly think that opening pubs at 6am after them all being shut for so long isn’t going to descend into absolute carnage by around mid morning? I don’t understand...

I took this in the park last week. Mother Nature at her finest. I thought it was quite a good metaphor for life. Notice the foreground is all sunny and calm but lurking in the distance is one hell of a storm…

Perfect dress for this type of weather. It’s from @Mango  and it’s in their sale. Super comfy to wear. Nips you in where needed and gives you room to breathe. Oh and did I mention it’s in the sale £19.99 Link in my…

New week, new shoes. Couldn’t resist these. Absolutely do not need another pair of shoes but I’ll find a way of justifying them. I doubt they’ll be off my feet for the foreseeable future. Go up a size if you’re…

I’ve been looking for a lamp for this corner of my living room for what seems like forever. Couldn’t justify spending £££‘s and stumbled across this little gem, the Brandon lamp by @johnlewisretail  House range last…

Jeez this lockdown’s doing weird things to me. I’m no Mary Berry that’s for sure. I made a cake for my Mum’s birthday once and we couldn’t get a knife through it, it was like a brick. Then there was the time I left…

Look at this cracking andotherstories date night dress. I’m venturing out this week for a pre birthday dinner (it’s my birthday next Sunday and I will be banging on about it for a whole week as I’m so excited) and…


Never before in the history of tv has someone gone from absolute heartthrob to absolute douchebag quite so quickly #Poldark 

I've been feeling angrier about the state of things this week than I ever have #TheWomenWhoKillLions  is about to tip me over the edge

Dear whoever you are up there. Please stop taking all the good ones. We're running out down here! I hope peace has found #RIPRobinWilliams 

Dear @ITV  Thank you for #Broadchurch . I've not even got to the first break and I'm simply blown away. Sensitively handled. Amazing acting ?

I've come up with a new idea for a tv show "Nuclear Bunkers with Amanda Lamb" catchy huh? build, decorate and stock with corned beef!

Dear 35% ish of the country that didn't vote. Don't you dare complain about anything for next 5 years.Man up next time & make a difference!

Everywhere I look on this holiday there are children staring at an ipad/phone or device. At every meal, on the beach, in fact everywhere. I’d say 90% are glued to a screen. I’d like to hurl them all in the sea. Am I being over dramatic?

Does anyone else find they frequently forget to drink the recommended 8 glasses of water a day but can nail 2 large G&T’s without drawing breath? #happyfriday  everyone

So lovely to meet you too. Wasn't it a great day? Xx

I genuinely don't understand why people have queued for hours to buy things today. If this lockdown has taught me anything, it's that we don't need the amount of things we're never going to wear/use/need. Did any of you queue? If so why and what did you buy?