Mindy White

Mindy White

Pop singer / songwriter ? NEW SONG "NOTHING NEW" OUT NOW! Link below! Former singer of @Lydiaband and @Statesmusic. Dog mom. Animal rescuer. Intuitive. ?

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Guys, your impressions of Joe Exotic and Carol Baskin are so painfully off-brand-poptarts-bad please stop I want the real thing only thanks

OK #TigerKing  was definitely funny and shocking (seriously the songs/music vids are👌🏼😂), but I just hope everyone sees how unfair life is for many animals and why you should NOT support these types of zoos/attractions and definitely don’t support exotic animal breeding as “pets”

Day 22 of #SocialDistancing : I can now tell time by looking at where the sun lies in my house. My ancestors are proud. Stress is now a food. Much like alcohol... not nourishing, but *inspiring* Keep finding myself Googling shit like why isn’t 11 pronounced onety one

Share something about yourself that is 100% true, but sounds made up

WHAT! My burps are loud and pretty big lol

We see you, we love you, we will fight for you. 💞 #TransDayOfVisibility 

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I’m about to start a petition to make begin immediately bc #BachelorInParadisehis  depression is real #SocialDistanacing 


Just burnt my mouth on my food so badly and realized that it's the ones you love that hurt you the most.

A big part of happiness is learning to forgive and love people even more than they deserve

May your naps be uninterrupted and so refreshing.

Life, please just let the 90's come back around again and stay forever.

Get out there, take risks, work your butt off, but never get so caught up in your dreams that you turn into something that you're not.

being emo is now a pre-existing condition

?❤️ “Women's marches are taking place around the world”