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New post: "The Benefits of Fasting are Looking So Clear People Try to Mimic Fasting without Fasting"

New post: "Miles Kimball's Presentation on Negative Interest Rate Policy to the National Association of Business Economists"

“E-com­merce is ex­pected to ac­count for about $170 bil­lion of the roughly $730 bil­lion in to­tal hol­i­day spend­ing this year, ac­cord­ing to Na­tional Re­tail Fed­er­a­tion es­ti­mates.”

“As re­tail wages rise, day­time stock­ing is be­com-ing more pop­u­lar as a more ef­fi­cient use of la­bor hours that keeps work­ers in the store help­ing shop­pers”

Cutting edge technology for de-icing roads.

Melissa Korn questions just about everything about college admissions except the most important one: highly selective colleges should expand their number of undergraduates. If a college is doing a great job, & many want in, it should serve more students.


Encouraging vulnerable Americans to attend religious services could lower the suicide rate, and a new type of church shows promise, writes @ErickaAndersen 

This is huge. Most social science research could now be exempt from IRB review:

This is a remarkable graph of the seasonality in suicides. From

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Elizabeth Warren’s suspicion of Wall Street is her least radical position. This is where she is on the most solid ground. Wall Street deserves much fiercer oversight. In particular, leverage should be limited and corporate borrowing taxed more heavily.

It is Nordic culture, not Socialism, that makes Nordic countries do well, says Nima Sanandaji:

I wasn't satisfied with the textbook treatment. So here is mine: "The Costs of Inflation"

Noah does a nice data dive here. You don't know what you are talking about on wage trends if you don't know what is in this article. What caused wage stagnation?

“[Alan Krueger] was the first per­son who taught me that there is noth­ing more painful for an un­em­ployed per­son to do than search for a job, and that we couldn’t re­ally un­der­stand job search and un­em­ploy­ment with­out ac­knowl­edg­ing that fact”

The 1915-16 Armenian genocide was part of a larger spree of elimination that lasted some 30 years, write scholars Benny Morris and Dror Ze’evi.

Distorting basic economic statistics is what wannabe dictators do.