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Democrats call postmaster general to testify at "urgent" hearing next week - Axios

🚨 🚨 Democrats privately fear that going too hard on Judge Amy Coney Barrett in her confirmation hearings could wind up backfiring if senators are perceived as being nasty to an accomplished woman.

⚠️ warning to the press from @RahmEmanuel : Don't shortchange your audience / the voters by fixating on the superficial

NEW ⚡📺 @realDonaldTrump  will join @FoxBusiness  @MariaBartiromo  for a live interview tomorrow in the 7 a.m. hour, @axios  has learned

🚨 "THE RED MIRAGE" ... Exclusive: Bloomberg group warns @margarettalev  on @axios  on @HBO  @HBODocsDocs  that Trump could win electoral college and popular vote on election night -- potentially in landslide -- then lose when mail votes counted

💡 Try booking a 15 min videoconference today! From @erica_pandey : Think through exactly how long calls need to be — and don’t shy away from 15-min. meetings. "We default to scheduling hourlong meetings, and then suddenly you’re in eight hourlong meetings”

🚨💥 @axios  @JimVandeHei : It's as if God or the galaxy, or whatever you believe in, are screaming for politicians and the public to pop our bubbles and pay attention — believe our eyes. ... Think about the no. of educated people in your life who believe BS


BITE DU JOUR: @JoeNBC  Scarborough on @msnbc  @Morning_Joe : "TIME magazine was right: Steve Bannon is the president of the United States" ...

? Scoop: Biden, Bloomberg, McAuliffe rattled by liberal lurch, rethinking runs: Internal polling shows socialism surging in Iowa

If you're starting to forget what a leader sounds like, we have a refreshing reminder to start your Friday:

? Why it matters: This marks a huge reversal in the Trump team's narrative

? “What happens if all of a sudden someone gets shot — someone shoots one of these reporters?”

? by : Axios obtains a spreadsheet, circulating in Republican circles, that meticulously previews probes Dems will likely launch if they flip the House

NEW YORK (AP) - CORRECTION: CBS reporter clarifies on saying Kaepernick would stand for anthem, says they didn't discuss issue.