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run @nytmetro's investigations team; edit politics investigations and race coverage on the side; recovering former reporter; root for @LFC. GPG key: 7D4BCC7F.

Latest Scoops

.@JonathanBlitzer, who writes about immigration for @NewYorker: "Ultimately, the most revealing aspect of Saturday’s proposal is the bland predictability of it." https://t.co/leXX7d81qQ
This is wacky. @danbalz sitting at a table in Paris when a man at the next table asks if he wants to speak to the President. https://t.co/kbxfZvD9TW
.@JonathanBlitzer reports on one of the "thousands of children" who were separated from their parents, with no record of it. https://t.co/aGVJZyEWXA
Next week’s @newyorker cover. https://t.co/Lt48tq01oM
Fascinating @benwallacewells column, taking us inside the writing of the Green New Deal and reflecting on a generational change underway. https://t.co/nyD1Sp2LXe
Been in meetings all day and just got around to reading this @ichotiner interview. Holy moly! https://t.co/OZrF2r60G4
Ashleigh Barty up 5-2 in first set. Read ⁦@marzoTennis⁩ on the Aussie phenom with the crazy backhand slice. https://t.co/jWKUsg7QHF
Worth reading tonight @benwallacewells recent Political Scene column on @SenSherrodBrown: https://t.co/xHqrnbxQtx
.⁦@danagoodyear⁩: The strike, particulars aside, has an existential urgency. It forces the question: What does it mean for our democracy and our American self-image if the public schools in our second largest city are only for the least privileged? https://t.co/oAiRfmRyvT
Nice @marzoTennis piece on Ashleigh Barty, the great hope of Australian tennis and a fascinating story--she took a break from the game to play cricket professionally! https://t.co/jWKUsg7QHF
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