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"This appears to be the first time in American history that a president has given such a massive contract to himself."

A new study shows Deepfake videos have nearly doubled in just nine months.

Since acquiring smart-doorbell company Ring in February 2018, Amazon's built an extensive network of cameras across the country, and it's sharing the information it gets.

Most of these photos have never been published.

Yes, 'Black' is capitalized when we're talking about race.

A supermassive black hole at the heart of our galaxy may not be as dormant as research had previously suggested.

Beyond knowing how to grill tuna steaks or cook mussels, there’s also knowing where your seafood came from.

From playing dead to covering Wall Street's Charging Bull statue with fake blood, Extinction Rebellion is bringing their theatrical tactics to the U.S.


Alice Marie Johnson has been in prison for 21 years for a first-time, nonviolent drug offense.

@HBO 's Insecure has mastered the cinematographic art of properly lighting black faces #HBOInsecure 

We joined with @aliciakeys , @Beyonce  & more to shed light on #23Ways  you could be killed if you're black in America:

Because of the Parkland teens, Chris Shields just decided to give up his AR-15. Now, the 18-year member of the military and owner of 10 guns, is calling on fellow gun owners to give theirs up too.

This is not a joke: is breaking character and calling on you to help him hold Trump accountable and protect our democracy.

A descendant of Pocahontas reveals the disturbing truth about this storied figure — and it's something all Americans need to hear.

Under the GOP health care plan, being a rapist isn’t considered a pre-existing condition — but being a rape survivor could be.

The truth behind most of the Confederate monuments being torn down tells an even larger story than you'd realize — explains.

Here’s what it is like to be interrupted 28 times during a debate: #Debates  #debatenight 

(TW) This 15-year-old girl's minor bike accident turned into a horrorifying encounter with police: