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@BabsSheKing @Schafernaker Good morning! We have not yet broken the 1976 record of 669 sunshine hours (we've had 385 so far), so whilst this is an unusual spell of hot weather, it is not unprecedented. Please read more here:https://t.co/xPYyL1rKHI ^Jennifer
Gardeners' delight or holiday makers' plight? 🤔 However you look at, Friday delivered some #rain to many parts of the UK, but not before some of us saw further hot #sunshine
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@casmholmes @FunkysTips Hi Cas! The strongest smell is released when rainfall arrives. Raindrops landing on dusty or clay soils trap tiny air bubbles on the surface which then shoot upward and burst out of the drop throwing aerosols of scent into the air where they are distributed by wind. ^Jennifer
@RenishawRangers Good evening, tomorrow it will be mainly dry although some isolated showers may develop through the afternoon. On Tuesday, there's a chance of isolated thundery showers. Keep updated here:https://t.co/gqTnEOkF5q ^Jennifer
If you're out and about tonight, especially across the south, can you smell the rain? Did you know that is has a name? Find out about #petrichor here: https://t.co/d48t6edYXm
Saturday morning might start a little grey in places ☁️ especially the west, but it should brighten up for most as the day progresses ☀️
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Good evening, heavy, thundery showers in the southeast will continue for a time, before easing overnight leaving a warm and humid night. Elsewhere rain, locally heavy in the southwest, will slowly ease but it will turn murky with mist and drizzle https://t.co/jtrhUzUBdR ^Jennifer
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@chris_alpacas @BBCWthrWatchers @EarthandClouds @StormHour @CloudAppSoc @itvanglia @ThePhotoHour @RutlandSkies @LincsSkies Looks like you could get some light rainfall in the next couple of hours! You can check out the forecast here:https://t.co/nVAQL5d7fA . ^Luke
UK beaches are going to be popular over the coming days 🏖️ and although sea temperatures are above average for the time of year, a dip in the water should cool you down for a bit
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@chris_alpacas @BBCWthrWatchers @EarthandClouds @StormHour @CloudAppSoc @itvanglia @ThePhotoHour @RutlandSkies @LincsSkies Stunning photo! I love how you have managed to capture those crepuscular rays. Thanks for sharing, Christine! ^Luke
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