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Portland braced for far-right rally and antifa counter-demo > good, objective reporting of the invading caravan of right-wing hate groups seeking to incite violence. And a POTUS who suggests opposing them is terrorism.

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Starbucks expects second-quarter adjusted earnings of 32 cents per share

Breaking - Starbucks $SBUX expects second-quarter adjusted earnings of 32 cents per share

In coming weeks, public companies will be issuing earnings releases + conducting analyst + investor calls. Chairman Clayton and Director Hinman outlined how they can best provide information to investors regarding their current status in light of #COVID19 :

this was hard to read (and obviously a million times harder for parents to endure). i don't know what the answers are or how (as somebody without kids) to help. just one of the many intractable problems right now

Trump says voting by mail is bad. US troops do it all the time

The Fed is easing its cap on Wells Fargo’s growth so the bank can funnel more rescue loans to small U.S. businesses. But there are plenty of other glitches to fix, writes @AntonyMCurrie .

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Staying home––when you can––is a step you can take to help save lives. Remember, we’re in this together. #AloneTogether  #StayHome 

MARKET WRAP: Bitcoin and ether climbed modestly late Wednesday as lighter crypto derivatives volumes signaled uncharacteristic caution among the market’s traders. Daily roundup by @danielcawrey 

Ugly numbers: Geneva-based World Trade Organization says trade could shrink by 32 per cent as a result of the coronavirus pandemic

Many Koreans still feel they must follow a narrow script for success. Covid-19 will not help people to try something new