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"One problem facing our leaders is that some of the tools traditionally available to boost the economy during recessions are in short supply."

"After going it alone on trade for four years, Trump is likely to continue on this path. A Biden team is unlikely to lift the tariffs anytime soon but may be more willing to work with international partners to seek trade reforms."

"One of the strongest features of the book is Goldberg’s incisive takedown of populism. He rightly portrays populism as not only a revolt against globalization but as 'ultimately a counterrevolution against tomorrow.'"

"Members of the WTO hold fundamentally different views on how to define illicit trade practices. Regardless of who wins the presidential election this fall, these tensions are not going away."

"Ensuring the dignity of all groups in society is a long and complex process, but recently published studies on the issue of discrimination affirm the critical role that scientific research plays in helping us overcome prejudice and bigotry."

"Detracting from Goldberg’s thesis is a propensity to launch into what seem to this reader to be idiosyncratic concerns not directly related to globalization and populism."

"Watching China’s case against President Trump’s unilateral tariffs winding through the World Trade Organization dispute process was like a movie with a completely predictable plot."

"Ohio leaders took steps to break down barriers for job seekers by implementing occupational licensing reform last year... [But] new research shows that locals who are... job seekers or in need of new careers are still at a disadvantage..."

"'The ball is now really in the court of the administration,' Zhong said in an interview with NPR. 'But if Oracle doesn't have the final say, I would be very skeptical about this deal.'"

"Industrial policy that uses tariffs & subsidies to pick economic winners is once again in vogue among intellectuals. The rationale is to prevent China from 'dominating' the global market with its subsidies while boosting American jobs and manufacturing."


Today the Mercatus Center at George Mason University announces a series of prizes through its Emergent Ventures program for innovators working to combat COVID-19. These prizes are an effort to stimulate innovation in the face of a pandemic. Learn more:

Businesses with 50 or more employees are subject to the #ACA 's employer mandate. Nationwide, between 28,000 and 50,000 small businesses appear to have reduced their number of full-time employees to fewer than 50 because of the mandate.

In 10 seconds, watch federal regulations climb since 1950 @EconPatrick . Learn more

"The greatest advances of civilization, whether in architecture or painting...have never come from centralized government."

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Mercatus is announcing a call for papers! We're now accepting short (1,000–2,500 word) policy briefs on the response to and recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic. The author(s) of each published brief will receive a $1,000 honorarium.

What if you could purchase an empty seat on a private flight that was going where you needed to go anyway for a majorly discounted price? How the FAA killed Uber for airplanes:

Reforming the US immigration system to promote growth: @DanielGriswold 

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A reminder from Milton Friedman: There's no such thing as a free lunch

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"Communism... has revealed itself for the whole world to see as an unfortunate and terrible historical mistake."