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Stocks losses deepen as a key recession warning surfaces (Washington Post)

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Exclusive: @TaylorSwift13 's new album "Lover" has already sold nearly a million copies before its release

Critics slam Trump's deregulation for leading "the world down a dark path!" @algore  calls his repeal of some @BarackObama  regs "literally insane”. But @GroverNorquist  says Trump unleashed prosperity:

BREAKING: District court in Maryland just ruled that our trans military ban case can move forward, and that trans service members have a valid claim under the Constitution. The court also rejects the government’s attempts to shut down judicial review of the policy.

SENSATIONAL CHARGE by @Swamy39 . He says, P Chidambaram is Gandhis’ ‘money launderer’. | INDIA UPFRONT with Rahul Shivshankar. | #ChidambaramFacesJail 

An estimated 1.7M people showed up to this demonstration in Hong Kong, marking the 11th consecutive week of protests

10 migrants stranded on a rescue boat off Italy for 19 days jumped into the sea and tried to make it to land. Italy has blocked the boat from docking. Rescuers say conditions on the boat are "desperate" for the 100 people on board.

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Breaking News: Italy's prime minister said he would resign, causing the collapse of the country's most nationalist and dysfunctional government in decades

After a blistering attack on coalition partner Matteo Salvini, Italy's prime minister says he will resign

What made him a soldier will make him a legend. #Rambo : Last Blood hits theaters September 20th.

Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte set to resign after far-right party leader's call for a no-confidence vote