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Journalist. Former correspondent for Al Jazeera. I mostly tweet about: China | Cuba | USA. Instagram/Snapchat: @melissakchan

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116th Congress members elect as emojis. (seeing this copy/pasted - would love to credit creator)


You know the answer to that: the better to track you.
I remember that even base camp, Mt. Everest on the Tibet/China side had reception!
Wildfires, by the way, are scary to cover. I remember running around that big Yosemite one in 2013. An ex-Mid East conflict zone reporter told me fires were scarier. Maybe not rational, but there’s a feeling you can negotiate with someone with a gun. Mother nature doesn’t care.
The count continues in #CA39. If Cisneros wins, he can thank ordinary citizens like Marian Bodnar, whom I spoke to last year. A piano teacher turned first-time activist, she founded the local chapter of @IndivisibleTeam after Trump won the election.
I guess I'm the yin to @isaacstonefish's yang. 😆 A few days ago, I wrote about my time in China as a cautionary tale. Here's his reminder that the US, "for all its troubles, is still a long way from becoming a dictatorship, or a failed democracy." https://t.co/G07gXzB6N5
This is what CA-10, which just flipped from Republican Rep. Jeff Denham to Democrat Josh Harder, looks like: rural, red California (and yes, that’s me with my notebook interviewing a rancher from a few years ago). It really is unbelievable news. https://t.co/i3DnfmKv3Q
Stopping by @aradboaz’s studio is always a treat. This afternoon he took some work portraits for me! Boaz also doubles as a journalist - I first met him as Yedioth Ahronoth’s correspondent in China. Berliners! Go check him out! ❤️📸🙌🏼
Also, watching a Marvel film was like the beeeeeeeest way to de-stress after a day dealing with real Chinese bad guys. 😆😂
I'm serious when I say Stan Lee's superheroes buoyed me at times of difficult reporting, especially in China. Watching a film or reading a comic, he reminded me that the fight for good was worth it, and his characters' popularity meant I was not alone believing in those values.
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