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Presenter on Al Jazeera; a Brit lost in DC. Biographer of Ed Miliband. Former HuffPost and New Statesman bod. Retweets aren't endorsements, etc.

Latest Scoops

“Worried about Trump’s mental stability? The worst is yet to come” - re-upping this old ⁦@theintercept⁩ piece by me in light of all the 25th Amendment chatter (again!) https://t.co/leyzM0h5iT
You boys have it easy: I get called an Assad apologist and an Al Qaeda apologist *at the same time*
On this week's #Deconstructed podcast, soon-to-be-Congresswoman Ilhan Omar tells me that she doesn't think Bernie Sanders will be the prez candidate in 2020.

"That ship that might have sailed."

She says she's part of the "Warren wing" of the Democrats:
This week, I interviewed Anwar Ibrahim, Malaysia's prime-minister-in-waiting, on his political ambitions, forgiving his persecutors, reforming anti-gay laws and his relationship with Erdogan. Watch my @AJUpFront interview with Anwar Ibrahim here:
"Boiled down to its essence, the administration’s message to the Palestinians seems to be: You’ve lost, get over it." - @Rob_Malley & @aarondmiller2https://t.co/EVcKde6zf5
"He’s a race-baiting, xenophobic religious bigot. He doesn’t represent my party. He doesn’t represent the values that the men and women who wear the uniform are fighting for." - Lindsey Graham, December 2015https://t.co/j8YCaVsdjs
"Is Ilhan Omar Donald Trump's worst nightmare?" - on this week's #Deconstructed I talk to Ilhan Omar, who is about to become 1 of the first 2 Muslim American women to serve in Congress, about Trump, Islamophobia, Bernie, Warren & the future of the left:
God bless tireless activists like @medeabenjamin
“In the video, Trump is using his favorite dignified scowl. (The New York Times reported last year that the president told staff he wants to look “like Churchill” when he makes this face.)” https://t.co/RMR4ZQtUcL
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