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Presenter on Al Jazeera; a Brit lost in DC. Biographer of Ed Miliband. Former HuffPost and New Statesman bod. Retweets aren't endorsements, etc.

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Thank you! You're too kind.
I’m always amused when some (often conservative) white people say ‘we don’t even think about race/ethnicity/skin colour’.

Erm, it’s called ‘privilege’ for a reason!
So my show at the Oxford Union, @AJHeadtoHead, is back on Al Jazeera this Friday - & the 1st show of the new season is a pretty lively clash with ex-Israeli deputy foreign minister on @DannyAyalonthe killing of Palestinian protesters in Gaza - preview:
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Aided and abetted by the Post opinion desk sadly
You could have just tweeted ‘Schumer should step aside...’ and left it there.
Maybe Trump is soft on Russia because a la China he is making money off of them. Maybe it’s coz he likes/envies strongman Putin. Maybe it’s coz he did collude with them to win the election. Whatever it is, he is unusually soft on Putin/Russia & I’ve seen no good reason for it.
@jbendery Would he have quit on principle today had he been Sec of State to Trump as he so desperately and shamelessly wanted to be a little over 18 months ago? Doubt it.
@KarenAttiah It’s not just about African angle though - Islamophobia is rife in France & this goes beyond anti-black racism. The fact that a proudly Muslim player scored Sunday matters a great deal to a lot of French Muslims who I know who face massive discrimination that goes beyond race.
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