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Presenter on Al Jazeera; a Brit lost in DC. Biographer of Ed Miliband. Former HuffPost and New Statesman bod. Retweets aren't endorsements, etc.

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So I made a short video for @theintercept about how Republican senators have changed their tune on impeaching presidents & special counsels from when Bill Clinton was in office to now, when Trump is on office. Watch & be shocked at their shamelessness:
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Official death toll from the fires may right now be 63 but more than 600 people are missing in California as a result of them. Amazing that's not a bigger story in the US news media right now.

@frankrichny I'm not a fan of either of them, regardless of gender, because I think neither is up to the challenge of fighting fascism, but you're right about the obsessive coverage of Pelosi, and the leadership challenge she faces, given she's far more progressive and effective than Schumer.
To impeach or not to impeach? What should the House Democrats do? My latest #Deconstructed breaks it down with a very unique guest:
Anyone who thinks Chuck Schumer is the right person to lead the Senate Democrats - or the #resistance! - in this age of Trump needs to reckon with this bit, from my latest for @theintercept
“Chuck Schumer caved to Facebook and Donald Trump. He shouldn’t lead Senate Democrats.” - my latest for @theintercept on the awful awful Chuck Schumer and his awful awful Trumpian history:
"I think it would be good for the world if he stepped aside" - tech icon & internet pioneer Jaron Lanier calls on Mark Zuckerberg to quit on tod@AJUpFrontay. Facebook as a "one-man shop" is "anti market" & "anti-democratic," he tells me - preview:
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Yep, got a retweet from Huck :-)
#scandal #gladiator
That’s horrific. Hope you’re ok.
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