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This condition was associated with three times the risk of developing #Crohn 's disease, reported Kenneth Croitoru, MDCM, of the Zane Centre for Digestive Diseases, in @AGA_Gastro . @AmerGastroAssn 

"It seems perverse to deliver healthcare services at a place called the #MinuteClinic . The kind of physician-patient relationship that can be cultivated in a minute is not one to write home about." Op-ed by Niran S. Al-Agba, MD, @silverdalepeds .

Abiraterone and #enzalutamide  are more expensive than #docetaxel  -- can you discuss the cost implications of choosing a therapy? #oncology  @ASCO  #ASCOReadingRoom 

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This approach to #ECMO  in #COVID19  patients showed a high success rate, reported Antone J. Tatooles, MD, of Advocate Christ Medical Center, in @JAMASurgery . #coronavirus 

This 35-year-old man went to the ED complaining of sharp pleuritic chest pain and shortness of breath. Can you make the diagnosis? #medtwitter  #meded  #FOAmed  #medstudent  #medstudenttwittertwitter 

If @JoeBiden  wins the presidency, he will have a lot of healthcare leadership positions to fill. Here are some of the names that we've been hearing about. #Election2020  @vivek_murthy  @PeteButtigieg  @kavitapmd  @drJoshS  @DrLeanaWen  @rebekahgeemd 

After the CDC retracted aerosol transmission of #COVID19 . What science will they try to walk back next? Wrong answers only in this thread, I'll start. #medtwitter  #medstudent  #medstudenttwittertwitter 

Operation Warp Speed's chief said he favors stricter rules for COVID-19 vaccine authorization. By @jdsteen1  via . @Reuters 

A new study led by the Department of Defense and United Airlines found the risk of COVID-19 exposure on a plane "virtually non-existent" when passengers are masked. By @GioBenitez  and @SweeneyABC  via @abcnews .

Even though antibody therapy seems to work, the coronavirus is still "moving faster than we are." By @matthewherper  via @statnews . #COVID19 


What can #Arizona  do to slow the curve as #COVID19  cases spike there, and what can other state governments learn from Arizona's experience? @ASlavitt , MBA, former acting administrator of @CMSGov , discusses in this #video . #coronavirus  #OpenSafely 

Genetically modified fungus kills Anopheles mosquitoes -- a major malaria vector -- in African field trials. @BBCNews 

"Allow dissenting opinions to be heard, confront them, correct them, and put the accurate medical info out there so people can make the decisions for themselves." By @RealDoctorMike . #Plandemic  #coronavirus  #COVID19  #MyCoronaStory 

A @nytimes  piece touting medicine as a "family-friendly" profession ignores the realities #womeninmedicine  face, says critics. By @KristinaMFiore , with reactions from: @darakass  @arghavan_salles  @MKnoll_MD  @obrienek .

Twitter users respond to @ASlavitt 's call to submit one photo and caption that captured their #COVID19  experiences. #MyCoronaStory 

"I feel like whatever health benefit you get by eating a banana, it was fully negated by reading this meme/Instagram post." @RealDoctorMike  reacts to some of the craziest "health" posts on Instagram. #medtwitter  #medstudent 

"It may be time that we physicians heed the same advice that we give our patients: Quit putting your life and health at risk for a system that doesn't value your best interests." Op-ed by @MindAlchemydoc , MD. #COVID19  #MyCoronaStory  #coronavirus 

In this #video , @RealDoctorMike  interviews over 100 physicians to get their take, experiences, and learn their perspectives about the #coronavirus . #COVID19  #MyCoronaStory  #GetMePPE  #medtwitter 

Congratulations to Patrice Harris, MD, the first African-American woman to be named president of the @AmerMedicalAssn ! By @shannonfirth . #AMAmtg  #AMAmtg20192  @AMAmedstudents019