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An ethical dilemma to ponder: "To protect their daughter, Carla and Clifford seek hormonal therapy that will close the growth plates in her bones, ensuring that she will permanently have the body of a 6-year-old child." #medtwitter  #medstudent 

"Have something rainbow-flavored somewhere," @DoctorJesseMD  of @MedicalCollege , said at #MGMA19AC . "Straight patients won't notice, but it will mean the world [to others]." By @joycefr . @MGMA  #LGBTQ  #LGBTQhealthhealth 

This common drug may reduce head injury deaths, according to research led by Ian Roberts, MB, BCh, of @LSHTMpress , publish @TheLancetd  in @judyreports . @MedPageNeuroBy  , .

Are you up on the advances made in #breastcancer  treatment in recent years? #medtwitter  #meded  #foamed  #medstudent  #medstudenttwittert #BCSMwitter

A female physician fresh out of medical school writes about being sexual harassed, and how prevalent it is among her peers. By @tsaiduck77 . Via @washingtonpost . #MeToo  #MeTooMedicineM #womeninmedicine @TIMESUPHC  #TIMESUPicine 

The hypertension blood pressure threshold is 130/80 mm Hg, right? In this @apcardio  episode, Andrew Perry, MD, digs into the nuances with Eugene Yang, MD, of @UW , to discuss updated to hypertension guidelines. @ACCinTouch  @American_Heart 

"The most important thing to know, and you have to prepare yourself for it, is that it is the end of the antihistamine era," Gil Yosipovitch, MD, of @univmiami , said at #fallclinical19 . @fallclinical 

People with #bipolardisorder  had significantly greater risk of later developing #Parkinson 's disease, according to research led by Joaquim Ferreira, MD, PhD, published in @JAMANeuro . By @judyreports , @MedPageNeuro . @GregoryPontone  #WSPD 

ICYMI: "Physicians are the only ones trained in monitoring the side effects of using radioisotopes for clinical care for our patients." @AmerGastroAssn  #AMAMtg  #AGAConfRep 

Three North Carolina healthcare workers were charged with forming a fight club with dementia patients at an assisted-living facility. By @lateshiabeachum  via @washingtonpost .


Genetically modified fungus kills Anopheles mosquitoes -- a major malaria vector -- in African field trials. @BBCNews 

A @nytimes  piece touting medicine as a "family-friendly" profession ignores the realities #womeninmedicine  face, says critics. By @KristinaMFiore , with reactions from: @darakass  @arghavan_salles  @MKnoll_MD  @obrienek .

Congratulations to Patrice Harris, MD, the first African-American woman to be named president of the @AmerMedicalAssn ! By @shannonfirth . #AMAmtg  #AMAmtg20192  @AMAmedstudents019 

Health officials are investigating three potential human cases of eastern equine encephalitis in Michigan. It has a 33% fatality rate for humans. By @nickmonacelli  via @Local4News .

"Doctors should be doing medicine, not economics, and we should aim for a system where they don't have to," said @paulkrugman , PhD, Nobel laureate in economics, at an event sponsored by the @NYAMNYC . By @joycefr . @NobelPrize 

In the absence of federal funding for #firearm  injury research, one physician group has taken matters into its own hands. @meganranney  @ResearchAffirm  @AmerMedicalAssn  @ACPinternists  @EmergencyDocs  #ThisIsOurLane  #gunviolence  #publichealth  #StandAffirm 

“Physicians throughout the country were already committed to solving this epidemic.” By via . #ThisIsOurLane