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Long hospital stays, high rates of ICU admission for US COVID-19 patients @bmj_latest 

Research highlights immune molecule's complex role in Huntington's disease @MIT 

Up to 60% of students in some schools vaped in past month @umich 

Anti-malarial drug shows promise for brain #cancer  treatment @PNASNews 

#Lymphnodemetastases form through a wider evolutionary bottleneck than distant metastases @NatureGenet 

A new potential target for the treatment of #alcohol- #withdrawal induced depression @frontiersin 


#Hydroxychloroquine shows no coronavirus benefit, raises death risk: study @TheLancet 

2 meters enough for social distancing? MIT researcher says #droplets  carrying coronavirus can travel up to 8 meters @JAMA_current 

Sunlight destroys coronavirus quickly, say US scientists

With single gene insertion, blind mice regain sight @NatureComms 

Your #brain  reveals who your friends are: Study illustrates how similar neural responses predict friendships

Our brains reveal our choices before we're even aware of them, study finds @SciReports 

Tests show new coronavirus lives on some surfaces for up to three days

Anti-viral #drug  #remdesivir  effective against coronavirus, study finds @nejm 

Serotonin is a master regulator of neuroregeneration @PLOSBiology