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Mark Cuban

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Invested in You: Mark Cuban gives exclusive look into personal life and career #FoxBusiness 

Guess what I think about this deal ?

I will say this. @kevinolearytv  is Mr Kumbaya this season. It’s his new favorite song !

Chris is that you or your bot :)

Got to say, of all my media subscriptions, and I have a lot, @TheAthleticNBA  is the most disappointing. It's like they only hire the people they can afford rather than the best they can get.

Less than 24 hours till another new episode of @ABCSharkTank . Multiple millionaires made. The American Dream is alive. Millionaires made. This could be you next

One of the most fun episodes ever. Tonight @ABCSharkTank  !


We all need to give President-Elect Trump a chance. Support the good. Lobby against what we disagree on. No one is bigger than us all

@Chris_Broussard  that's is the dumbest shit Ive ever heard. If you had any ethics u would msg me and I will give u his address

@Chris_Broussard how about this. You post any proof I was calling/texting his friends asking anything I give 100k to charity of yr choice.

First time playing @FortniteGame  and I get hit by a Boogie Bomb ? Lol wtf ?

I propose we do a debate where every candidate has to do a shot of liquor before every question. That's the only way to get real answers

it was right around this date in November when I was 27 years old that i remember looking at a 0 dollar bank balance at the ATM...

The only interview that mattered was the Stuart Scott interview on the last day of the NBA season #RIPStuartScott 

Unfortunately, if you just forgive loans wo resolving why tuition is high in the first place, you have given schools carte blanche to raise tuition. Why wouldn’t they raise tuition if future loans will be forgiven too ?

getting ready to announce the winner of pro sports first crowd sourced jersey!