Mark Cuban

Mark Cuban

Dunking on the pharma industry with, the lowest prices on meds anywhere. check it out !

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@mattsheffield  Older generations across entertainment struggle with understanding social and distinguishing it from the real world and who pays for their content. It’s not native to them. Younger know you are only as relevant as your last post.

And we will push that pricing down further !

Are there generics available for it ?

DM @costplusdrugs  . We will see if we can help

Its been exactly 1 year since we launched. Only in my wildest dreams did I think we would have helped so many people in so short a period of time. This is just the beginning. To all of you that have helped us, supported us, told others about us, THANK YOU !!!

'Shark Tank' hosts beg FTC to crack down on scams using shows name

@johnhfio  Hell no. Tailored suits are nice. But no where near as comfortable as Jeans and a T-shirt. And beyond comfort there is cost, maintenance, cleaning , they go out of style , time to deal with it. etc . If you dont value your time, spend it messing with a suit.


Please tell others that take these. We expect to add more than 1k more meds over the next 12 months, if not sooner.

Please help us spread the word. We WONT SPEND A NICKEL ON MARKETING. WE COMPLETELY RELY ON WORD OF MOUTH This allows us to price at such low prices. So all help is welcome from everyone and anyone !

Have some balls for once @tedcruz . Speak to me. It's my tweet.

Ladies & Gentlemen, I present to you, Delonte West . A long, long , long way to go, but he has taken the first steps and shared these with all of us as a thank you for the love and support.

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We can never forget how precious life is. How those who are special to you and never let them forget how deeply you love them

Come on @elonmusk  We all know what free speech re the gov is because we can read the 1st Amendment and any related case law. We have no idea what Free Speech on Twitter is because you are judge and jury. There is no transparency. When do we see the @Twitter  Bill of Rights ?

A leader doesn’t doesn’t look to criticize, a leader accepts criticism and learns. A leader doesn’t look for praise, a leader offers praise. A leader doesn’t ask for trust, a leader earns your trust. We all have those who need us to love them and lead them. Be a leader

Is there a better commercial for Rank Choice Voting than what is going on with the Speaker's vote in the House ? The current system, from primary to generals to speaker voting, empowers the extremes to the expense of constituants. Time to change

I hope we all remember that Kobe and Gianna have brought our country closer together than anyone has in a generation. Their memory truly is a blessing that we should build on.

Every day @costplusdrugs  uncovers generic drugs that are insanely priced. If there is a generic that you can not afford , or that is charged for hundreds or thousands of dollars to your employer's insurance, please reply with the name and we will see if we can source it. Thanks