Richard McGregor

Richard McGregor

DC, via Sydney, Melb, Canberra, Taipei, Tokyo, HK, S'hai, Beijing + London. Author of The Party on mysterious CCP. Forthcoming book in 2017 on China and Japan.

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A chat with @dtiffroberts  about his fascinating book, 'The Myth of Chinese Capitalism' @LowyInstitute 

"Labelling economic ministers' meetings as 'Five Eyes is mistaken and possibly counterproductive, as it unnecessarily limits their membership and risks blurring the critical distinction between intelligence and policy."

“Aboriginal people are very proud of the fact that we have someone in such a position.” Great profile of the #roosters  trainer, Travis Touma:

Enjoyed the first episode of the new @CSISFreeman  Podcast#Pekingology  with @judeblanchette  talking to @jgruin  about the CCP leadership of a capitalist economy:

“We have to choose what side we’re on, including us scholars, right?” @ChuBailiang  on Xi's academic enablers:

"Raze first, build later." ICYMI, good @supchinanews  piece on the latest push for rural-to-city consolidation, this time in Shandong, long considered one of the most productive farming provinces:

"In the 21st century, defence issues, unlike submarines, cannot be submerged or silenced." @KatherineManst  writes in praise of partisanship (or at least debate) in national security policy:


ICYMI, a time line from @LowyInstitute  displaying how China displaced the US as the trading partner for most countries:

"The angry summer playing out in Australia right now was predictable." The relationship between the bush fires and climate change, laid out in detail:

The Chinese are keeping their sense of humour while bunkered down with the #cornonavirus 

"The more pressure Japan had (in the 30s), the more adamant, arrogant and self-assertive we became, because we were too nationalistic and too undemocratic, and that was our destiny. China is following the same path.”

Epic @Reuters  report on China's handling of a swine fever epidemic which took a quarter of the world's pigs off the global market:

"One would think the Chinese leadership, which has made a fetish of their 'century of humiliation,' would be wary of deliberately fostering the same resentments in a country that will one day be a formidable competitor."

How to stop a Chinese bank run: "One by one, cadres and executives stood before a microphone to pledge their backing for the bank, as smiling employees brandished wads of cash before cameras."

A chilling account of Beijing's anti-Uighur campaign and how the country's ethnic assimilationists won out: