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The work of journalists and the media is vital, especially during a global crisis like #COVID19.  Access to accurate information is not only a human right, it saves lives.

People forced to flee their lands & homes are human beings, with dignity & rights. Their participation in processes to address the root causes of their displacement, and other crucial issues such as #COVID19  is key.

We need schools and universities that are free of bias. We need economies that give truly equal opportunities and fair treatment to all. We need political institutions that are more responsive and inclusive. We need justice systems which are truly just. #FightRacism 

We should go beyond existing recommendations. Time is of the essence. Patience has run out. Black lives matter. Indigenous lives matter. The lives of people of colour matter. All human beings are born equal in dignity and rights. #StandUp4HumanRights.  That is what we stand for.

In these difficult times, we must intensify our efforts to put in place preventive measures to eliminate violence against women and girls.

During #COVID19,  we have witnessed an increase in hate speech directed at LGBTI people, sometimes blaming them for causing the pandemic. It is an attack on human dignity. We must all take a stand against hate. #PrideMonth 

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#COVID19 does not allow us to be together and go out into the streets to celebrate #PrideMonth.  Respond to hate speech by filling social networks and other online spaces with messages of love, respect, acceptance and by celebrating diversity.

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This is the time to stand proud. A time to raise our voices, in solidarity, for recognition, visibility, justice and the freedom to be who we are, to love whom we love, to live freely & safely regardless of race, gender, religion, visa status or disability. #StandUp4HumanRights 

#COVID19 has exposed human rights protection gaps worldwide: 🔸 We must wash our hands, yet 2.2 billion have inadequate access to water & sanitation. 🔸 We should remain physically distant, yet 1.8 billion live in inadequate & overcrowded places.

#FakeNews is designed to manipulate your emotions and trick you into passing it on. Take a breath and be mindful about what you share. #TakeCareBeforeYouShare