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Instead of suffering any awkwardness telling immigrants they need to fulfill some basic requirements, the U.K. decided to commit economic suicide instead. #Brexit
Stablecoins = derivatives. There is a use case, but they’re not, strictly speaking, crypto.
Biblical fake news.... It’s been with us since the beginning.
Things private money doesn’t do well: transportation, education, health, news, prisons, utility-energy, utility-banking, war. A well functioning, capitalist, free-market economy should delegate these relatively trivial tasks to bureaucrats while encouraging entrepreneurialism.
As long as corporations with conflicted interests own the news we’ll see ‘fake news.’ Ironically, in America, when news went out over ‘hands off’ government protected outlets (public domain), news was trusted. The only outlet today, similarly impartial, is @RT_com
The Caravan heading to US border will:
Holding my copy of US Constitution; talking about Hard Money, Liberty, #Bitcoin and the road to $100,000. (Need a speaker? Will go anywhere on Earth to spread the gospel of Satoshi).
Max Keiser: $28,000 for BTC and then a supply shock as price gaps to $100,000 | Bitcoin Price Predictions: From Zero to a Million - What do the Experts Think? https://t.co/ApAgPiNFAo
Theresa May: I demand the EU negotiate in good faith and offer us a fair deal.

EU: Eat shit, and die.

The End.
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