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"A year that delivered great despair and economic pain will also go down as one of the most lucrative environments in Wall Street history."

On the one hand I love the Knicks, on the other hand they’ve broken my heart every year since I was in the third grade, plus also a few blocks from me Harden is having the best debut game in the history of the Nets

Please get in touch, we'll need all the help we can get. In the meantime, here's some of my reporting over the years about Trump's riches, origin, Vodka, towers, pals, bankruptcies, enemies and comebacks in @business  and @BW 

“Be with us, holy mystery of love"

"Against the silver light of an impenetrably clouded sky was a small orange glow." Beautiful collaboration between @ruddyroye  and @RBecksLee  in @nybooks 


On the day the pandemic started, I called a Wall Street billionaire. "What the fuck, I'm not worried," he said. I kept calling as hundreds of thousands died and millions lost jobs. Here in @BW  is what I heard. Please read it

The White House just told reporters it's going to end food stamp benefits for 3 MILLION AMERICANS. That will apparently save $2.5 billion per year. Consider this: Trump's tax cuts will hand millionaires something like $37 billion this year alone.

Read this: What Mnuchin is doing is making it virtually impossible for Janet Yellen to deploy $455 billion in unspent Cares Act funding on her own. He'll leave her with less than $80 billion in her pot. Scoop from @SalehaMohsin 

Good god: A 43-year-old man in Brooklyn named Baruch Feldheim was allegedly selling N95 masks and medical supplies to doctors and nurses at a 700% markup. @ZekeFaux  reports that when FBI agents arrived he coughed on them

Wall Street's biggest bank just told its top traders to get back to the office -- and now, lo and behold, there's a Covid-19 infection inside the building. A classic @MichelleF_Davis  scoop

The day with the most new Covid cases wasn’t in March, or May, or July, it was yesterday

Inequality in one picture: Billionaire Ken Griffin just spent $122 million on a UK mansion. A few days later, he spends $238 million on a penthouse in NYC. Nothing here has ever sold for *half* that. And he spent $300 million on houses from 2013 to 2015

Jamal Khashoggi was beheaded and dismembered six months ago. Goldman Sachs CEO David Solomon, at this moment, is in Saudi Arabia, where he's trying to boost the bank's ties in the country. Revealing story by &