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What’s cooler than a $1,000 bonus? A $29 billion tax cut.

As Trump weighs imposing tariffs on a wide range of Chinese imports, companies that would win or lose from the inclusion or exclusion of specific items can secretly cut checks to companies the president and his family control — it’s outrageous.
I think it’s weird that we’ve completely accepted a situation in which trade groups, foreign governments, wealthy individuals, and lobbyists with favors to seek from the government can (and do!) pay cash bribes to the president via his clubs and hotels.
This is why we need to build a wall on the northern border too.
Reading these @Fired4Truth tweets I am again uncertain which side in the culture war is the one demanding safe spaces.
25 years ago, Bill Clinton wanted to execute major drug dealers.

If you’re wondering what kind of Republican would consider steep tariffs on steel to be a good idea, the answer is George W Bush.

Random guy becomes FAA Administrator through a bizarre series of coincidences, then learns to trust the career staff — and fall in love — could be a fun movie.
“this is obviously very sensitive and high level information but is part of Russia and its government’s support for Mr Trump”

“if it’s what you say I love it especially later in the summer”
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