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I have also decided not to attend this year’s Vanity Fair Oscar party.
New York obviously has its share of problems — most notably housing scarcity, and an inadequate transportation infrastructure — but it’s hard to see how an Amazon campus on Long Island City would have ameliorated them.
The specific context of the Amazon situation is that job growth in New York City has been extremely robust so the case for a very expensive subsidy scheme is pretty weak.
... and then she made the staffer contribute to a tax-advantaged savings account to prefund the purchase of future forks rather than simply buying forks directly.
Face it, libs: If we’d built a wall like Trump said we wouldn’t have crooks like Acosta and Kraft running around.
A lot hinges on the design of the comb. Some combs are a lot like forks!
My guess is a lot of people who read this story in print without knowing the larger context are going to end up thinking it’s overblown when people following it closely understand the salad anecdote as a useful incremental addition to a bigger picture.
What they didn’t do is *say what the contents of those articles were* which I think is a disservice to readers.
& @aterkel , for example, reported that Reid felt the need to reprimand her over her treatment of staffers which seems relevant.
I tweeted (and then just now deleted) that the NYT Klobuchar story didn’t acknowledge the earlier reporting on this question.

That was wrong, they mention it briefly here.
The real villain here is the airline for sending a plane out without any plastic forks.

The Most Relevant

One unusual aspect of the Smollett situation is the Chicago Police Department solved a crime.
It's going to be weird when National Review ends up supporting Hillary while The Intercept backs Trump.
It’s fascinating to me that many people who personally lived through the riots and domestic terrorism of 1968-1980 describe the political landscape of *today* as scary, chaotic, and full of crazy extremists.
Must read: @jbouie’s close reading of the latest SNL “Black Jeopardy” sketch
I think the extent to which taxing the rich to finance Almost Anything You Want for All serves to narrow racial gaps is underrated.

Very few African-Americans on the billionaires lists and none near the top.
Back in November when the Amazon/NYC deal was first announced, most conservative commentary on it was negative.
Come for the poll result, stay for the ominous forecast of politics descending into an even more explicit racial conflict
Popularity of creationism hinges heavily on framing effects.
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