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Bezos should cut @PplPolicyProj a check to explain why this is dumb.
The traditional reluctance to give in to North Korea’s requests for a direct sitdown with POTUS seems dumb to me.

Obama was right to propose giving in on this in 2008, and Trump is right to actually do it.

It’s worth a try. But be clear, this is Trump conceding something.
@NateSilver538 The crazy thing about this rhetoric is you only need to reach back to 2008 for an actual example of an election where the basic situation was overwhelmingly favorable to one side.
Small brain: Superdelegates are undemocratic

Medium brain: Caucuses are undemocratic

Schattschneider brain: “Democratic” is an inappropriate criteria for evaluating internal party governance
“Never before had America had a leader so effective at driving web traffic on slow weeks with inappropriate tweets and a baffling array of corruption scandals.”
Nixon at least had this substantive policy track-record you could focus on while politely ignoring everything else.
One has to pity the future president who will be called upon to deliver a tasteful eulogy for former president Trump.
The “index funds as a problem for competition policy” research program is underrated in part because the policy implications aren’t super-obvious.
Sectors with low levels of competition *or high levels of common ownership* exhibit low investment relative to profits or Q.

@jakebrooksGULC @kdrum There are different responsibilities at different levels of government. If I were president, I think I would encourage companies to leave California. But if I were governor of California, I’d encourage cities to build more places for people to live.
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