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Now that heroin is cool and nobody does meth anymore they should let us buy the good Sudafed over the counter again.
The NLRB election process is heavily tilted in favor of management, which would be even more true today with a GOP administration than it was a few years back.

“Historic Cleveland Park strip mall.”

The Fox broadcast network, Fox News, Fox Business, and Fox Sports are not part of the deal and will be spun off as a new small company.
Disney paying $52 billion to buy most of Fox, presumably planning to create a streaming juggernaut.

How CNN thinks the tax bill will affect me personally — a small tax cut that shrinks and becomes a tax hike.

It’s amazing to me that we don’t even talk any more about how Trump is lining his pockets from the presidency.
It’s weird that they are leaking all the tax goodies to everyone who’ll listen but not any of the pay-fors and also the bill text is secret until Friday but they have to vote on Monday.
Michael Flynn has the light treason covered.
What Doug Jones’s victory means for the GOP tax bill https://t.co/FZCuNyREYI
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