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Guys ... Prump Tutin ... think about it
“I like Brett Kavanaugh and believe he will make an exceptional Supreme Court Justice and look forward to voting to confirm him as soon as the president makes some meaningful financial disclosures.”
The question isn’t what McCain, Flake, and Corker will say it’s what will they do and the answer is “nothing.”
“I have a detailed opinion about the Nord Stream 2 pipeline,” said John, 63, a retired autoworker, “and I completely back up what the president said and definitely don’t just respond to overall partisan cues.”
Who will be the first to report back from a diner on whether Trump voters still like Trump?
I feel like a smart political strategy for Trump would be fewer weird apologetics for Russia, more defense of plastic straws.
I think Trump doesn’t say that invading Crimea, shooting down MH-17, bolstering Assad, etc. are bad because he … doesn’t think that stuff is bad.
After two weeks of traffic doldrums, I am finally basking in a bounty of pee tape clicks.
I totally believe that the Russian government routinely records what celebrity visitors do in luxury hotel rooms.

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