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Worked for William F Buckley
@BetseyStevenson @BrendanNyhan @besttrousers Yes, look, the Republicans are very bad.

But Obama didn’t nominate anyone to fill vacancies until after the 2010 midterms.
Maybe instead of putting experienced lawyers on federal appeals courts we should give the jobs to linguists who, unlike lawyers, would have the relevant expertise?
The idea that jurisprudence should be conducted as amateur historical linguistics seems odd to me.
Or bring back Sandra Day O’Connor.
Can Kennedy un-retire?
@StevenTDennis But I think that’s in part because if you believe Flake then you believe that adult circuit court judge Brett Kavanaugh is lying to the public about something important, not because the actions of Teen Kavanaugh are per se unforgivable.
I don’t think a person inclined to like his jurisprudence (i.e., not me) would be irrevocably opposed to forgiving the bad acts of a teenager.
I really wonder what would have happened had Kavanaugh expressed remorse, noted the prevailing party culture of the time as an explanation (though not an excuse) and praised a change in norms over the decades while promising to make restitution.
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