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As a resident of this area, I’m all for launching a Business Improvement District but “MidCity” is a terrible neighborhood name that nobody uses.

Shatner in Star Trek IV
Upzoning makes some land more valuable but other land less valuable.
I miss the good old days of responsible Republican Party leaders like Sarah Palin.
I mean I guess some find the word “lie” to be triggering.

So we could say that Bush deliberately used misleading rhetoric regarding the certainty of the WMD intelligence, the lethality of chemical weapons, links to 9/11, the inspections process, etc.

People were deceived.
Hillary lost Texas by 9 points while winning the national popular vote by 2.

Dems are currently up 6-7 points in the generic ballot so a Cruz lead in the low single digits shouldn’t be all that surprising.
“39% of U.S.-born Hispanic newlyweds and almost half (46%) of U.S.-born Asian newlyweds have a spouse of a different race or ethnicity.” https://t.co/djuGNLnUgg
This correspondent believes we need to regulate social media
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