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Taylor Gourmet is dead and &Pizza is alive.
Finally got a Woke Toddler quote:

“Daddy, Donald Trump is a not good president because he’s not nice.”
This paper, for example, indicates to me that a more conscious effort to provide black, Hispanic, and woman role models could significantly increase America’s volume of innovation.https://t.co/GwggsxK5d3

After a year of “upscale suburbs vs win back the Midwest” arguments, Dems’ two best districts look to be upscale suburban districts in the Midwest.
Catastrophic result for Yoder here. https://t.co/ogOvT4KPfB
In general, increasing the salience of themes of racial conflict — almost regardless of the content of the conflict — tends to push white voters to the right, since to the extent politics is a racial conflict then the GOP is the party for white people.
People wondering why Cruz would promote that video.

(a) The message is electing Beto will politically empower black people, a bad outcome in the eyes of some.

(b) That liberals think it reflects well on Beto ensures it will be widely circulated.
After a long recession, median wages hit a new all-time high in October 2016 but the nature of the political wisdom at the time was that neither Obama nor Clinton bragged or made a big deal about it.

Improvement has continued since then of course.

Intrigued by Ben Carson’s remarks, I opened up an incognito window and fired up YouTube to seek out some information about the Fabian Society.
Should’ve framed Dreyfus with some Zillow screenshots.
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