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To be truly smarter than your girlfriend, you need to watch Infernal Affairs.
Caving on the wall was a good move for Trump and is helping his approval ratings recover somewhat from the shutdown.
The outcomes of the 2020 Senate races in AZ, CO, GA, ME, and TX have a *much* bigger influence on 2021 legislation than whether it’s Klobuchar or Warren or Harris or Sanders or Booker or whomever in the White House
The amount of money Democrats are going to set on fire in the 2020 presidential primary makes me really sad.
Typically the Deputy Secretary at Justice has experience as a US Attorney and with other DOJ work but I guess having served as AG in the past maybe Barr feels he doesn’t need the help.
In some ways the biggest change is that after 2009-2010 many Democrats became gun shy about overpromising but then Trump winning made a lot of Democrats think “fuck it, we can overpromise too.”
Ah yes, once confronted with the facts Trump will have no choice but to admit defeat.
I wish John Breaux were still around so we could have Breaux Bros.

The Most Relevant

I don’t want to tell people *not* to worry about Trump’s authoritarian rhetoric, but I think a larger issue is the extent to which the institutional Republican Party is close to entrenching a system of semi-permanent minority rule.
I’m trying to not just retreat into irony over this NYT blockbuster but remember all the talk about the Clinton/Lynch tarmac meeting?
The not very subtle thread of religious bigotry running through the accusations of bigotry against Omar is really something.
The gerrymandering conversation quieted down after 2018 because Democrats won the House but there’s a scenario where Dems win the two-party vote 51-49 and consequently lose the Electoral College, lose one Senate seat, and lose control of the House.
The true cost of towel-ownership is the space it takes up, not the price of the towels, so the appropriate amount to own is a function of local housing costs.
Trump routinely does his best to pressure federal investigators to compromise their work in order to shield himself and his allies from scrutiny, and nobody in Republican Party politics bothers to care.
Astounding to think how much better-off we’d be today if even a small carbon tax had been imposed back in the early 1990s when austerity budgets were all the rage.
I really don’t think “evaluate candidates on the basis of the behavior of Twitter personalities that support them” is as sound an approach as some people seem to believe.
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