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Dr. Matthew Loop is the highest paid social media revenue strategist in North America. He's also an author, speaker, philanthropist and consumer advocate.

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Making the world a better place starts in your home with your children. They're watching and modeling you.

More phone time = a lazier and sicker brain.

Truer than most people could ever imagine. The health insurance industry is (and has always been) a racket.

Get in the habit of taking one vacation per month even if it's just a simple four day weekend. You'll come back more rejuvenated, focused, and productive. You cannot take care of other people at the highest level UNLESS you take care of yourself first.

A client emails me and says, "Hi Matt, I was talking with our Operations Manager just now and wanted to share this with you. Profit365 ran their first FB ad campaign on 8/22. Since that time, we’ve invested just under 3k (2k in ads and 1k in (cont...)

Hypocrite! He doesn’t like the idea of politicians limiting freedom of expression yet that’s EXACTLY what he’s doing with Facebook users. They tell you they’re fighting misinformation but it’s really about censoring anything that goes against their agenda

How Giving Gifts Can Be The Ultimate Marketing Strategy…With John @Ruhlin  -


"To avoid criticism, say nothing, do nothing, be nothing." - Aristotle

The CIA is determined to silence any future organization like #Wikileaks  that seeks to know what our "secret government" is doing in our name. The Intelligence Authorization bill contains language to criminalize national security reporting.

Why isn't Hillary in jail for her many crimes? He promised the people.

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How Big Pharma's Lust for Profit Turns Their Customers Into Guinea Pigs @alternet  They're killing millions 4 profit

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Crazy! Everyone is running out of Lenox Mall right now. People are saying it’s a shooting. We were on our way out when we heard screaming and saw people panicking.