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He only knew the "carry a big stick" part of the saying

"Yeah, yeah, for sure. Maybe another way we could do this is ... "

@jm_mcgrath  I don’t think anyone is going to remember this moment fondly. But I also don’t think we should ignore the fact that a lot of companies and institutions will probably learn a lot from this in ways that may prove useful. We’ve had to reinvent wheels and we may decide we like a few.

Well, I just got around to watching the moist video, and I am absolutely perplexed anyone spent time thinking about this today. It was a weird phrase and he handled it with good humour. I’m gonna go back to paying attention to the pandemic now.

This is where we fell down in Canada, I think. Maybe realistically we couldn’t have done much better given political and cultural realities. But there was a real lag evident in government-decision making. I’m not sure they’re caught up even now.

To clarify: by caught up, I don’t mean to events or with policy. That’ll keep evolving. I mean in terms of thinking through what this is and means. We got caught mentally flat-footed. We had a plan to get punched in the face, in other words, until we WERE punched in the face.

We can (and should) track numbers, projections, etc. Sincerely. That's essential. But COVID *isn't theoretical*. While we refine our forecasts, let's remember that when it got loose in Italy and NYC, places with advanced health-care systems, it was an OBSERVABLE disaster. 2/2

The first line of this email is the funniest thing I’ve read in a long time.

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The shipment Trump tried to stop was actually just Travis’s latest order

I wonder when we’ll start grasping that the new normal will be something that is neither “continued effective lockdown” or “the way things were.” Some kind of economic restart is mandatory. But life is gonna look very different.


Just landed at Toronto Pearson an hour ago. I was asked (by a computer) if I’d been to Italy, Iran or China. I clicked no. I was waved in. I only know I’m supposed to self-isolate because I read it on the news.

This article is completely mind-blowing. The head of astronomy at Harvard, using some newer calculations, makes an awfully compelling case that Oumuamua was, in fact, an (extremely!) ancient non-human solar sail.

I've been saying for days now I was working on a piece about logistics, and the impact of the blockade. It's more serious than people know. I think that's why Trudeau's tone sharpened today. He's running out of time before this goes critical. THREAD

I knew this was coming. I knew it was going to be big. But WOW. I am LIVID after reading this. The treatment of Vice Admiral Mark Norman@Comd_RCN_34 ) by our government is so appallingly bad I cannot even attempt to sum it up. Read this. Remember it.

The weirdest moment in TNG-era Trek was when Picard was able to bring up the score to HMS Pinafore by pushing *two buttons* on a shuttlecraft’s central console. What the hell kind of menu did that console have? - Phasers - Sensors - Shields - Ancient Earth Musicals - Engines

Liberals in 2015: "We're going to reform the electoral system, save the environment and reconcile with Indigenous Canadians, all while legalizing weed!" Liberals in 2019: "Uhhh, well, I mean, cheaper cellphone bills, I guess. And camping! Who wants to go camping!?"

I’m having a hard time wrapping my head around just how fucking awful that press conference with federal cabinet ministers was.

Whatever the cabinet version of unceremoniously pulling the goalie, sending them right to the dressing room and then trading them the very next morning for a 12th round draft pick is, that needs to happen to Melanie Joly and David Lemmetti. Now.