Matt Pearce ?

Matt Pearce ?

National correspondent for the Los Angeles Times, covering 2020. May the forces of evil become confused on the way to your house.

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just sadly muttering “you guessed it, Frank Stallone” to myself

interesting use of everyone’s time and money

requesting a religious exemption from having to read tweets with a national angle on What It All Means

THE BIG PICTURE: Governor French Laundry did a bunch of COVID-19 restrictions that made some people mad, but he ran away with the election anyway and so it’s a real struggle market for solid hot takes on here right now.

statistically speaking, most people like not being infected by the novel coronavirus

Still neck and neck in L.A. County.

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@Redistrict wake up you’ve still got work to do

Occupy Wall Street at 10 years old: “As in all intense social movement cycles, participants would find themselves doing things they would not have anticipated, alongside people they would not otherwise have known.”

An epidemic of mandatory overtime: “GDP is miraculously above its pre-pandemic level but we have five or six million less employees.”


what a year this last half hour has been

I imagine all the closures and cancellations give people a sense of ominousness. But it's really an amazing act of social solidarity: We're sacrificing so we can give nurses, doctors and hospitals a fighting chance. Start from there and hopefully we can figure out the rest.

Pretty stark statement from a Kaiser nurse in NorCal who got sick after caring for a coronavirus patient, criticizing CDC for delays in testing.

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The coronavirus story will also become a health-insurance story in America. This guy went to China, caught the flu, came back, did the responsible thing and reported himself for possible coronavirus — but tested negative and now might have to pay $1,400+.

We’re in one of the worst economic disasters in American history amid a global pandemic, people are revolting against the police, the U.S. president is trying to bring social media companies to heel and has just threatened to shoot looters. What else can we pile on top of this

they call us millennials because we’ve been alive for a thousand years

"Inside a massive mail-sorting facility in South Los Angeles, workers fell so far behind processing packages that by early August, gnats and rodents were swarming around containers of rotted fruit and meat, and baby chicks were dead inside their boxes."

To sum up what's happening right now, the cops killed a guy over a fake twenty, and the people in charge are making clear that they'll teargas peaceful protestors on live TV before they'd change the status quo.

Miami's mayor has tested positive for COVID-19. But he has not had a fever, only had some mild aches and a runny nose. “My suspicion is that a lot of people have this and they don’t even know it."

The new sick-leave bill has giant holes in it — employers with more than 500 employees were exempted.

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