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I edit political enterprise stories and investigations for the Washington Post.

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Giuliani rejects the notion that Mr. Trump would cast him aside, calling it “bullshit.” “He has a hard time getting rid of people,” he said. via @WSJ 

Spreading his wealth, Mike Bloomberg donates $10 million to House Democrats at risk due to impeachment proceedings—and reminds the party of the power of his wallet. Via @michaelscherer .

‘Running water - it would be such a luxury.’ Today, 2 million Americans still don’t have indoor plumbing. Via @FrancesSSellers  w @bonjomo  photos.

Exclusive: U.S. leaders have long insisted they would not be “nation-building” in war-torn Afghanistan. They’ve spent $133 billion trying — and failing — to do just that.

NEW from @CleveWootson : Biden clearly doesn’t like talking about his son’s overseas business dealings. Lately, it’s been an unavoidable topic on the campaign trail.

How the Post Turned the Mueller Report Into a Graphic Nonfiction Book

It's the fastest-warming place in America, with a temperature rise that's quadruple the global average. But fossil fuels are its economic lifeblood, and a new boom has arrived. A look at how hard it is to quit Big Oil, by @eilperin  @bonjomo  @JohnMuyskens 


SCOOP: For years, Bernie Sanders has traveled the country advocating for a $15 per hour minimum wage. His campaign organizers say they aren’t making that much, and they're using his words to protest for higher wages. Via @WaPoSean 

BREAKING: U.S. envoy says he was told release of Ukraine aid was contingent on public declaration to investigate Bidens, 2016 election

“Truthfully, it is tough to ignore some of the gross immoral behavior by the president,” said one senior House Republican who requested anonymity to speak frankly. “The reason there was no defense is because there is no defense.”

While some voters waited in hours-long lines in Fulton County, 700 voting machines sat in stacks in a warehouse in downtown Atlanta. Via

BREAKING via @OConnellPostBiz  @Fahrenthold : Barr books Trump’s hotel for $30,000 holiday party

Said one former World Patent Marketing customer who lost $77,000 of Whitaker: “It’s really upsetting to know that guy will be attorney general. It’s so offensive. It’s like a stab in the back.”

Trump campaign and RNC paid Trump properties $14 million for lodging, office rental, air fare, catering and more

Incredible reporting by provides the best look yet at how Trump's private business has relied on the labor of undocumented workers -- even as he railed they were stealing jobs from Americans.

BREAKING: Mueller told the attorney general that the depiction of his findings failed to capture ‘context, nature, and substance’ of probe