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Latest Scoops

Texas schools are embarassingly late to recognizing a basic fact of the U.S. Civil War. https://t.co/kRrODZCzvA
Researchers at MIT are now able to program water droplets and move them individually across surfaces
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Alternate headline: Bill Maher is being Bill Maher again. https://t.co/6WK6uwWofB
Ever wondered how drone light shows work?
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Watch not one, not two, but three giant submarines emerge from beneath the Arctic ice
Google Lens AI tried (and failed) to identify 20 adorable Corgis
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This transforming robot from Japan looks like it’s straight out of ‘Transformers’
Four MIT graduates have just opened a restaurant where a robotic kitchen is preparing the meals
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This guy brings new meaning to the term "good as new"
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Meet the Hero Arm — an affordable, 3D printed bionic prosthetic that can even fit kids
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